So about Yesterday…😏

It sure was a bit of a frazzled one! 

Hello my lovely friends πŸ’• 

If you saw yesterday’s ‘Monday’ post – you know I was full of energy, ready to tackle the new week! πŸ‘ΈπŸ»

And it started well enough – I took a nice walk in beautiful weather (morning temps in the 60s 😎) with a friend and our dogs. 

Checked cleaning the bathroom off of my to-do list βœ… Apropos – did you know that Dawn in warm water, followed by a little Squeegee action leaves your mirrors and windows sparkling? Try it sometime…it’s great. πŸ™‚

As I stood there, admiring my handiwork, the universe was like ‘Oh, so you think you’re on top of things, eh? Not so fast!’ 😳

Plan was cleaning βœ…, crocheting, and blogging about the crocheting. 

Well, guess what? Didn’t happen. πŸ˜• I picked up the ‘crochet-along’ ….got nothing. Looked at various yarns thinking maybe I start something new….nope. Crickets! 

Alright then – I just take my Granny Squares, they need to be joined together. That’s when I lost my ability to think logically. It was 9th grade Mathclass all over again. Remember the ‘Pythagorean Triple’? It’s sooooo simple, but it took me weeks to finally get it. No idea why…’cause it really is simple. Anyway – I want to join the squares on-point. Easy enough, right?! Ha – you would think so (and you’d be right πŸ˜‹). I laid them out, joined three or four together…and had a regular corner. Ugh πŸ˜‘ I’m embarrassed to say, it took a few tries…and then – Hallelujah! – it worked! See…

I don’t wanna jinx it, but I think I got it now 😝 

Did that ever happen to you? That you know it’s doable, other people are doing it – but it just won’t come together? Please tell me it happens to other people too! πŸ˜”

By then it was late afternoon, dinner went well 😏

I checked my blog-view numbers…there’s a good chance I’m slightly obsessed with them 😁 

See…my goal here is to up my numbers every month. And I have been since I set that goal in January 😍 So I check it…666 😳 Now, I’m not superstitious – I heard that’s bad luck 😏 – and I love the fact that I upped my number from last month by 240 πŸ™†πŸ» and I truly appreciate each and every view….but one more would’ve been nice 😜 Goals!!! 

There were small positives though…🌈

– Did I mention my sparkling bathroom πŸ˜›

– I had a lovely sit-down and chat with my daughter πŸ’•

– I won almost $100 at the casino last night πŸ€‘ ⬅️ I’ve always wanted to use that one!

– I finally found a good…no, great book! πŸ€“ After the duds I picked up over the last few months, I thought I had read all the good ones 😊

Thanks so much for stopping by! I wish you a great week full of inspiration, success and love ❀️ 

The next part of the crochet-along will be here tomorrow πŸ˜ƒ

I hope you’ll be back for that 😍 And don’t forget to tell me about your ‘brainfog’ moments! Please! I neeeeeed to hear them. πŸ™‡πŸ»β€β™€οΈ 

Until then πŸ’•


What’s in a word? ~ Dictionary Day

Welcome to the very first ‘Dictionary Day’ πŸ€—

Honestly, I can’t tell you where this idea came from. A few days ago, I, all of a sudden, had the image of my beautiful dictionary in my mind, and the thought of taking a word and seeing what all is ‘in it’.

This is my dictionary…pretty, isn’t it?


Looking at it, I always have to think of ‘Hawkeye’ Pierce from M*A*S*H. He was being interviewed by a stateside reporter visiting Korea. The reporter asked him which books he brought to Korea….Hawkeye’s answer was “Just the dictionary. I figure it has all other books in it” πŸ€“

Alright then, let’s see ~ today’s word is


~1. Here’s what the dictionary has to say about it


Wikipedia says – ‘any of a group of small to very large sea snails, marine gastropod Mollusks in the family Haliotidae’. Other common names are ear shells, sea ears, and muttonfish.
Abalone is used for food, the shell for ornaments, and is a source of ‘Mother-of-

~2. Pictures!

The shells….

Here’s one in a tank …


~3.  Viral Bhanshaly wrote a poem about the Abalone

Abalone Shell
As the Abalone Shell was found,
All the architects’ gathered round,
Gazing at the piece of art,
Made by a creature, so serene and smart.

Its natural beauty made no noise,
For all the architects’, were there and poised,
Staring, at this new found wonder,
Slowly, they started to plunder…

What made such a beautiful work?
Why is it making, our minds go berserk?
What produced the velvety curl?
What in such nature produced this twirl?

And so they held it in their hands,
As the first tears, came down in bands,
The golden, bluely, greenly shades,
Bold still, over many decades.

With the patterned indents still there,
Their hearts clear of all despair,
They carried on still surprised,
Until they slowly realised.

The little mark, precise and secure,
As it acted like a little lure,
For in the middle a little eye,
Pointing to, the Heavens and sky.

With all the shininess, that it brought,
The Abalone Shell purely sought,
Out of all its twists and bends,
That before it had, many friends.

And ten indents it carried inside,
These may be friends, or rules to abide,
And in the gold, it may be so true,
That it lived with its friends, like a fine crew.

The bluely-green may signify sea,
Also the Abalone was fine, well and free,
But in all of this, the thing that was best,
Was inside the eye, a red golden crest.

This was the heart, serene, filled with grace,
It pumped the, unique creature, at a good pace,
And as a good present, it then left behind,
The Abalone Shell, which we, today find.

The heart may be gone, taken up above,
Up to the skies, with the white dove,
But, we keep, the blue, green and golden,
Abalone Shell, however much, past olden.

We now today, remember this deed,
The Abalone Shell, which we also freed,
Nobody knows, where those men went,
But with them, discovery, whether given or meant…

Viraj Bhanshaly

~4. And  it’s also mentioned in song lyrics

~ Top of the hill by Tom Waits

~ My Belly by Aesop Rock

~ Thanks To The Rolling Sea by Elvis Presley…..hehe- πŸ•Ί- this is the emoji you get when you type ‘Elvis’! πŸ˜„ Sorry- I had to share.

~5. Do you know the game ‘Abalone’? I’m not sure what that has to do with things…yet, there it is. πŸ€” Maybe the original game idea is older, and it used to be played with shells? What do you think? Any idea?

~6. There’s also a wine grape called Abalone. It’s widely known as ‘Chasselas blanc’ grown in Switzerland, France, Germany, Portugal, Hungary, Romania, and New Zealand. Wow….it’s seems that’s a very popular grape. 😁

Well, I do believe that’s all. I had fun researching for- and writing this. I hope you enjoyed reading it. 😊

See you soon! πŸ’•

Until then
~ Tina xoxo

Just a few things that happened this week…

Hello all 😎First I wanna brag a bit (even though I had nothing to do with it πŸ˜‹) The weather is amazing! Now keep in mind ~ I’m in Kansas, and it’s sometime in February…the 21st…it’s February 21,  yet currently 76 (!!!) degrees outside! 

πŸ’«So, this morning I met up with a friend for our daily dog walk, and it was so truly gorgeous out there, that we decided to be ambitious and take this walking business one step further. But first we took the dogs home- they’re legs are short, and 2.5 miles is about all they can do. πŸ˜€ But Carole and I really did it. We walked another 4 miles! I admit, I’m a bit sore, but feel great! We walked a trail we had only heard of and talked about, and it was beautiful. Halfway through we came upon a patch of trees…

Look at these thorns 😳 They’re about 4″ long! We had no idea what kind of tree this is, so I researched it when I got home. It’s a ‘Honey Locust’ tree. They like to grow on moist riverbanks. Makes sense…..there is a little creek flowing nearby. Apparently in the summer and fall they look quite pretty. I’ll try to remember to take more photos then! 😁

That was today….the rest of this past week was just a little bit of this, and a little bit of that. 

πŸ’«Last Monday I made my husband’s favorite…delicious ‘country style ribs’, cooked in beer…EEEK πŸ˜‹ No wonder they’re his favorite, right?! 

*I’ll share the recipe this Friday 

πŸ’«There’s news on the succulent front 😍 I’m propagating my ‘Echeveria minima’. Look at these roots and ‘babies’ appearing slowly 

If you’d like to try this…here’s help πŸ˜Š

On Saturday was ‘National Wine Drinking’ Day ~ I don’t have footage of that 😝 but I found this poem…

Hehehe ….πŸ˜‚

πŸ’«Here is a  ‘work-in-progress’ currently on the table…

‘Cala Lilies’ – from sketch/drawing to oil painting…

Right now I’m filling in the background. Once it’s dry enough to hang, you’ll get to see the finished piece. 😍

πŸ’«Speaking of finished piece- here’s a wreath I made over the last week. A lot of tulle and denim, knotted, surrounding a ‘Live, Laugh, LπŸ’œve’ Weaving. What do you think? It’s quite unusual, huh? πŸ™ƒ

πŸ’«This lady moved to the store last weekend. I really enjoyed turning a boring (and a bit creepy 😬) white styrofoam head into sassy ‘Ms. Katherine’

πŸ’«A few days ago, on our way to the casino, I caught the last glimpse of the setting sun 

It reminds me of one of the last scenes in one of my favorite movies/books- ‘Rebecca’, written by Daphne duMaurier, when the DeWinters leave London to go back to Manderley, and they see the fiery glow on the horizon. Thankfully here it really just is the setting sun. πŸŒ…

πŸ’« I came across this wonderful poem that really spoke to me. I hope you love it as much as I do, and make it your mantra πŸ’œ

πŸ’«And now ….because you’re so sweet to read all the way up to here πŸ’•a little sneak peek at my next post  ’10 easy Home Decor ideas’

So, these are a few things from my past week. I’d love it if you would share a story or picture from your life with me 😍

~ Tina xoxo πŸ’•