Recipe Friday ~ Lentil Soup

I came across this Oldie, but Goldie this morning


…and have to agree! It was 18 this morning, now it has ‘warmed’ up to 22! WooHoo! 😨
I know my friends in Alaska are just rolling their eyes at me now, but I’m cold!
Perfect weather for a nice big pot of soup though, right? So today – and probably all weekend   😁, this recipe makes a lot! – we’ll eat lentil soup.
As I gathered the ingredients, and checked the lentils for little rocks, I started wondering …what does a lentil plant look like? I honestly had no idea.Nobody in my immediate vicinity knew, so I looked it up.
According to Wikipedia the lentil is part of the legume family (well, I knew that  😊 ). It is an edible pulse (in case you’re wondering – a seed of an leguminous plant). It is a bushy, annual plant, and about 16″ (40 cm) tall. The seeds grow in pods – on average 2 seeds per pod.
I love this illustration…


Now that we know that    😊   we’ll make a delicious, warming soup!
Here’s what you need –
~ 8 cups broth
~1 pound lentils
~1 cup diced onions
~2 stalks celery, diced
~2, 3 medium large potatoes, diced
~2 tomatoes, you guessed it…diced
~1 cup sliced carrots
~1 ring Kielbasa, sliced
~1 tsp. Greek seasoning
~1/2 tsp.dried Tarragon
~Vinegar (optional)

1. Pour the broth into your Crock Pot. Add lentils
2. Saute the onions in oil, and add them to the broth.
3. Brown the sliced Kielbasa in the same pan. Transfer to the Crock Pot.
4. Add remaining ingredients. Give it a good stir, cover, and cook on High 3-4 hours or on Low 6-7 hours.
Serve with warm Garlic Bread, and dig in! Enjoy!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Until next time
~Tina xoxo


Spinach/Beef Soup (& Leftover change-up)

 You might look at the title and wonder what’s a ‘Leftover change-up’? Well, it’s a phrase I just made up (I think 🤔) -it’s when you take your leftovers and ‘change them up’ so you have a completely different meal. But more about that later.
First- let me give you the recipe for the soup….it’s enough for 3 people (+ 2nd day meal).     You’ll need the following ingredients

1 pound ground beef (vegetarian sausage works really well too)
1 package frozen Spinach
1 onion, diced (I use half a bag frozen diced onion)
3 cups broth
12 oz. broad egg noodles (half for today, half for tomorrow)
Spices (Rosemary/Garlic mix, Greek seasoning)
Coconut oil

(Note: I am not endorsing any products, I’ll just show you what I used)

1. First sauté the onions in the oil until they’re slightly browned

2. Add the ground beef ….while that browns (stir it occasionally) cook the spinach and noodles according to package directions.  Helpful hint- if you place a wooden spoon across the pot your noodles won’t boil over! 😀 (unless you proudly wanna demonstrate this amazing thing to hubby…then it doesn’t work- true story! 😋 So don’t do that!)

See – and I didn’t do anything between the 1st and 2nd picture. No stirring, no turning down the heat!

3. When the meat is cooked thoroughly, add the broth, spinach and the spices ( 1 1/2 Tbsp. Rosemary/Garlic mix, 1 tsp. Greek seasoning). Simmer on low for 10 minutes, stirring occasionally.

4. Add half of the noodles, stir well, and season according to taste. Ladle into 3 bowls and garnish with shredded cheese.

Enjoy! 🤗

Now, when you’re done eating (I hope it was to your liking!) add the other half of the noodles to the leftover soup and store it in the fridge.     I came up with the leftover recipe because I was always told not to reheat spinach. Not one to throw away food, I had to think of something!

So, the  next day pull out your soup (well, stew by now, because the noodles will have absorbed  add a jar of salsa, and garnish with avocado slices, and halved cherry tomatoes.

Et voilà – a beautiful, fast and easy meal – and no bored family members or taste buds!

I hope you enjoyed these dishes! Let me know – I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

Ta-Ta for now
~Tina xoxo