❄️A ❄️ Picture ❄️ Perfect ❄️ Morning ❄️

Hello my lovely friends 💕

For days now the weather guy has warned us of the ‘Winter storm’ headed this way.

Well, when I took the dogs out last night, there wasn’t much of anything…even the grass still peeked through a light dusting. But when I went outside this morning, everything had changed. I was greeted by this view…

The owl is wearing a hat…

…and our ‘Welcome’ bear a mask – I wonder what he’s up to 😋

The neighborhood kids got busy 😃

For me there are not many things more beautiful than a snow-covered Pine Tree

I don’t think Pearl, the cat, cares 😁

The Wisteria branches are a work of art 😍

Now I shut up, and let you enjoy the scenery 😊

(There’s nothing wrong with your eyes – it was early, and still somewhat dark-ish 🙂)

I hope you enjoyed the stroll through our Winter Wonderland 💜

I wish you a wonderful weekend! 💕


Your 🎅🏼 Advent 🕯 Calendar 🎄 ~ Day 20

Hello my lovely friends 💕

Today I’d like to take you to Grindelwald in Switzerland 😍 Such a magical place!

Are you dreaming of a white Christmas? ⛄️

I wish you a wonderful, happy, fabulous day! 🤗

Your 🎅🏼 Advent 🕯 Calendar 🎄 ~ Day 16

Hello my lovely friends 💕

It looks like they’re getting ready up at the North Pole 😍

I hope you have a wonderful weekend! 😍

Your 🎅🏼 Advent 🕯 Calendar 🎄 ~ Day 15

Hello my lovely friends 💕

We’re inching closer to Christmas…and still no sign of snow around here 😢

Just brown and grey trees and bushes everywhere…so all I can do is dream of walks through a Winter Wonderland ☃️

Who wouldn’t love to stroll down this beautiful street? 😍

Have a wonderful, dreamy weekend! 💕