Wildflowers 🌼🌾🌻

Hello my lovely friends πŸ’• Me again 😁

Yesterday I showed you some pictures of my walk on the Nature Trail nearby. Well, ever since I posted the pictures of the Wildflowers I tried to remember a lovely poem about them. It just wouldn’t leave me alone … or come to me 😜

But thanks to the ‘Hello Poetry’ website 😍 You now get to (have to? πŸ™‚) read a poem.

First – the picture 

And here are some lovely words from Elizabeth Cotton 

Wildflowers 🌼 

The sun 

shook in laughter 


 tiny pieces 




amidst the grass 

and leaves 

now swaying in the breeze 

still laughing all the while

 ~ Elizabeth Cotton πŸ’œ

Beautiful, isn’t it? 😍

I hope to see you tomorrow 😊

Until then πŸ’•