Do you believe in ‘398.2’?

Before I start telling you about today’s topic, let me show you this…


I have been trying to corral my thoughts …put into coherent terms as to what I want in the new year. But – sometimes my thoughts are like a rookie flea circus! Now you see them, now you don’t! Especially when I’m as busy as I was over the last few weeks! Anyway…today I happened across this picture, and thought ‘Eureka’ ~ this is it. Exactly what my topsy-turvy mind has been trying to tell me!
So – in the spirit of ‘learning new things’ I followed up on a sidebar-ad on Facebook (to be honest, usually I don’t pay much attention to those, but this one caught my eye simply because I had no idea what ‘398.2’ is). I got really curious, and looked it up…do you know? No? I can tell you now!


398.2 is the call number (in the Dewey decimal System) for the folk-stories and fairy tales. Fairies! I was so intrigued by the idea of a whole section at the library dedicated to these delicate, dainty creatures, that I hopped in the car, drove down the street to my little heaven (if there weren’t a 6-lane road between me and there, I would’ve walked…I swear!) went to the non-fiction section, and, lo and behold, there they were!


You should check your library for ‘398.2’ books! They hold cute, interesting, and fascinating stories – in my case mostly from Ireland and Scotland.

During my search I also found images of fairy gardens – definitely on my ‘to-do’ list for this spring!


I love them – and the little table-top one would be a great project for grey winter days! When I get around to it, I’ll let you know (and show you the result)

Well ~ I must say ~ this ‘learn-new-things’ idea is quite satisfying, and I will do a whole lot more of that! Even if it’s just little things like ‘398.2’

I will let you go now – maybe to the library? – and say
…for reading! I hope you enjoyed and will be back for more!
Until then
Tina xoxo