Mosquito-repellant Plants

Well, hello ~ good to see you here! Thanks for stopping by! 😊
Can you believe it’s almost May? That means it’s finally time to tend to the flowerbeds.
I do have a lot of weeds to pull (except the ones with little flowers on them – they will stay…much to the chagrin of my husband  😋).
Then it’s off to buy the flowers! Yay! Do you get overwhelmed at the nursery/garden center? I sure do – my flowerbed is not all that big, so I can’t get that many, and I can never decide which ones of the pretties to take home.

But ~ this year it’s going to be easy! See, I’m very allergic to mosquito bites. Those little suckers leave me all swollen and itchy. So I was very glad when I came across this nifty chart that lists all the plants mosquitoes hate! Ha! Got them now! 😄


I will plant them all around the patio, and in pots to place in places where there is no flowerbed and on the table. I do wish I could cover myself in all these plants…just to be on the safe side.
That is, of course, not possible, but that thought gave me an idea for a new drawing!
Let me explain why …. last week I started a ‘100 day challenge’ on Instagram, along with many other artists. We’re supposed to pick a medium, and post a new creation every day. Well, so far I’ve made it… the challenge is young 😊    But I’m having a lot of fun with it, so I’m hopeful!
Since I love making jewelry every day, I decided to do something different, something challenging, and nothing  is more challenging for me than drawing, believe me!
But I found this great book (Fashion Design for Beginners) that is very helpful. So I set to it. (If you wanna see, my Instagram handle is  ‘kristabella_weston) 😬

Anyway – long story short – here’s my fantasy for a mosquito free summer

Don’t you wish? Then all I’d need is a net thrown over me to keep the bees away! 🐝

I will plant everything this week – I’ll let you know if it works!
Going now to pull some weeds! 

Ta Ta for now! 😘
~Tina xoxo