The Blue Sky Award

Hello my lovely friends   💕    Thank you for stopping in! Today I have to share some wonderful news with you. 😀

The lovely Kelley, writer of the wonderful 
blog, graciously nominated me and my blog for the Blue Sky Award 😍
Thank you so much, Kelley! I’m tickled pink for receiving this lovely award. It’s definitely a boost and inspiration, ’cause now I feel like I’m doing alright and should keep going. 😁
This is my first nomination, and I feel honored for receiving it from an awesome blogger. You should set aside a few minutes and check out her blog…she’s very creative, and every visit brings me a few more things for my ‘to-(wanna)-do list’.

Now I’m supposed to tell you a few random facts about myself
I’ll try not to bore you 🤓
Here we go….

~ After being a ‘gypsy’ (aka Army Wife) for twenty-some years, I now live in Kansas, transplanted from Germany.

~ I love the outdoors. Nothing to strenuous though…being outside with the dogs, gardening, walking under trees – I guess in Japan they call it ‘tree-bathing’….have you heard about that? I recently saw a video about it – and in Japan it’s actually therapy for all kinds of ailments.

~ My favorite book is ‘Rebecca’ by Daphne duMaurier

~ My favorite singer is Garth Brooks.  🤠   Last month I was lucky enough to score tickets to his show in KC. And what a show that was! I was truly dazzled and walking on clouds for days!

~ I’m obsessed with emojis – If you ever read one of my posts you probably figured that one out already 😝

~ Coffee! ☕️  ’nuff said

~ My favorite season is Autumn. The crisp air, the cool nights, the colors everywhere – it’s just glorious. 🍂🍃🍁

~ I would love to live near the ocean.   🌊   Maybe one day!

~ My favorite quote is….


About the TV – mostly it’s just playing in the background when I crochet…and since I don’t wear my glasses when crocheting, knitting, it’s more like radio. 😋 I do like to be entertained though, no sad movies for me! I definitely tune in for ‘The Big Bang Theory’, ‘Monk’, and ‘Columbo’.

I hope you’re still with me! 😘

🏆Now it’s time for the nominations of some fabulous bloggers 🏆….Drumroll please 🥁

These bloggers never fail to inspire, lend support, and entertain! 💕

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I’m looking forward to everything you have to say/share! 😍

Thank you all for visiting and reading! 🤗

Until next time 💕

~ Tina xoxo