Roommate: Mother Nature

As the days get shorter, the days chilly, and the evenings colder there is, sadly, not too much opportunity anymore to enjoy Mother Nature in my yard. So I’m working on bringing her inside.
I stopped living with indoor plants because the Army moved us around a lot, and I always had to leave my beloved plants behind. So eventually I stopped buying them. But now we’re settled in a nice home, and we’re here to stay. Between you and me…have been for a while, and I did have a Christmas Cactus, a little Palm, and an Aloe plant. Then one day it hit me – I can have as many plants as I want, and I get to keep them! 😍

So I went shopping, and brought home some pretties ~and a vintage stand from a Thrift Store!
*Sorry about the lighting – it was a sunny day…cold, but bright

I bought a beautiful ‘Peace Lily’ for the bathroom

….and a cactus  ~ Meet ‘Albert’ 😊



‘Albert’ is about 23″ tall (with pot), and named after the other guy with the crazy white hair! 😏

The patio-door space, and my studio window are reserved for the 3 Hibiscus trees that have to come inside soon.

No more bright sunlit spots, so I’m done….I thought.
During a trip to the store I found a (relatively) new plant that doesn’t like bright light, prefers the medium light. Yay! I bought 4 and they now live in the dimmer corners of the house…the bedroom dresser, the bookshelf, the dining room table.

This magic plant is called ‘Red Aglaonema’. It’s one of the easiest houseplants to grow, and keep nice.
This beauty displays dark green leaves, generously flushed with various shades of red or pink. It looks great year-round, but now it makes a great alternative to the (more fickle) Poinsettia.
Take one to the office! It’ll spruce up your workspace, and a plant at work can make you more efficient and improve your memory (according to University research)

How to care for your ‘Red Aglaonema’
~Keep it away from direct sunlight – if you want to place it in a sunny window, please protect it with a sheer curtain
~Medium water needs – allow soil to dry between thorough waterings
~Fertilize a couple times a year with any houseplant fertilizer.

Besides being super-easy to care for, it’ll work really hard to purify the air you breathe!
I told you it’s awesome! 💕

Now, tell me, do you wanna run out and get a few? Please show me where your new ‘roommate’ lives! 😎

Oh…one more thing…if you have cats, dogs, kids that think plants are a special snack – please check out the info on this link before you buy any plants!

Alrighty…now go shopping!

Hope to see you next time

~Tina xoxo