Monthly Meet-up ~ Flowers 🌺 🌷💐

Hello my lovely friends 💕

Today I finally found the time to read many of your wonderful blogs 😃

While indulging in that, I stumbled across a photo challenge, hosted by Wild Daffodil

This month’s theme is Flowers 💐

Since we’re having a very late Spring, I didn’t expect too much when I headed into the yard with my camera. But upon closer inspection I did spot a few picture-worthy blooms. 😃

Under a just-now-sprouting-green ‘Rose of Sharon’ bush I found some ‘Forget-me-nots’ 😊

The Lilac bush is showing off it’s beauty – and spreading it’s wonderful fragrance through the little corner of our world 😍

Dandelions…we have Dandelions! 😁 But I do love them so they get to stay (and spread 😉)

Then I spotted some little violets hiding in the grass 🙂

Aren’t they lovely? 💕

Back inside I noticed that my ‘Christmas Cactus’ is starting to bloom 😆 Does that count?

Silly little thing 😁

I did save my favorite picture for last 😍

Make a wish! 🧚🏼‍♀️

I know that wasn’t much…but I think the few that had the decency to show up deserve a little praise! 😁

Let’s hope that Flowers will bloom all around us soon! 💕

Thanks for dropping by! 🤗 I hope you enjoyed your stay!