Some More Fun With Art 🎨

Hello my lovely friends 💕

The weekend is right around the corner, and we are entering uncharted grounds, aren’t we? 😎 Can’t go anywhere (or at least we’re not supposed to!), the weather is not cooperating, so outside time is out 😐, ergo, artsy-fartsy indoor stuff it is! 😍


You can plan a trip around the coffee table 😂


You will find a plethora of activities & worksheets for the littles right here


The people behind ‘open’ offer everything you could ever desire when it comes to entertainment and activities…or so they say. I have not tried to get a movie, an ebook, an online course. But if you’re willing to try – here’s the Link 😊

If you find that it is as awesome as it looks, please let me know. I’d appreciate it! 😍


I was surprised to get some sweet compliments on my drawings.

You might remember the ‘ Flower Queen’

I recently finished ‘Let’s read’ 😊

Then I thought you might wanna invite these girls into your home, and stay busy while being artsy. So here they are as coloring pages. Just print and get colorful! 😃

They’re a bit wonky in places…but, aren’t we all? 😉

I hope you have oodles of fun with these ideas!

Be safe & stay healthy! 💕

More Fun With Art 🎨

Hello my lovely friends 💕

Since it looks like we’re all gonna have to stay inside a while longer, and school’s out for the summer 😳 (at least in Kansas it is) the call for activities is getting louder!

I found a few more for ya 😊 so this here won’t happen to you! 😅

–1. If you like to color check out these fabulous coloring pages of museum art. Just click here and be amazed 😍



Apparently the “Roll a….” drawing activity is very popular.

I found this ‘Roll a monster’ activity sheet on Pinterest.

P.S. There’s nothing wrong with your eyes. The picture on the original post was so small, that it got a bit blurry when I enlarged it. 😁

For a variety of Monsters…here are some more ideas 🙂

I’m off to hunt for more activities for us all! 😍

Take good care of yourself! Wash your hands! 😊 I hope you get to stay inside! 💕

Fun With Art 🎨

Hello my lovely friends 💕

I hope this post finds you well and in good spirits! 😊💕🌷

Crazy times we’re living in, huh? I’m currently practicing this ‘social distancing’ thing. It’s going good – Books and Art definitely help! 🙂

And speaking of Art…today I wanna share some fabulous art-ideas for all of you that are stuck in the house. 🥴 These are great activities to share with the young ones, but also fun for the ‘young-at-heart’ 😁

1. Roll A Picasso

I already created my ‘ Masterpiece’ 😅

Now some color in his cheeks, and he’ll be ready for the weekend! 🥳

2. Watercolor/Yarn Art

I have not tried this, but it looks like a lot of fun!

All you need is:


-PVA Glue (Elmer’s for example)

-Watercolor paper



-Craft Stick



For ‘step-by-step’ instructions please click here

3. Spin-Art

Now that is nice and messy 😅

Here’s what you need:

A recycled CD

• Sticky tape or masking tape

• Rubber bands, the more the better! (We used 15)

• A pen that will fit through the hole in the disk 

• 4 coins of the same size 

• Acrylic paint, poster paint or inks 

• Water

• A pot, tray or egg carton to mix the paint colours

• Brushes and an old spoon to mix and drop the paint 

• A large piece of paper (A3 or A2) 

• An apron to cover your clothes 

• A work area where you can get messy

• Newspaper to cover your work area

For instructions and inspiration please click here

I hope these ideas keep you all busy for a while! I keep digging, and will be back with more soon!

Until then…be safe & stay healthy! 💕