Happy Birthday, November Babies 🎁🥂🍾

Hello my lovely friends 💕 and ‘Huzzah’ to all you wonderful November ~ Babies! 😃

Let me be among the first to wish you a fabulous, glorious, sparkling Birthday! 🥂

Your Birthday month is an amazing one…

And you are just as awesome…

The Chrysanthemum is the beautiful flower for this month

The glittering Citrine is your Birthstone

You are in very good company 😊 Other November Babies are – to name a few-

David Schwimmer, K.D. Lang, Emma Stone, Leonardo DiCaprio, Neil Young,

Scarlett Johansson, Miley Cyrus

Now go dance, skip, be happy, enjoy the company of your loved ones – let them celebrate the amazing Birthday – Baby that is YOU! 🙂💕🥂🍾🎁🎂

I’m sending you best wishes and hope that all your dreams come true! 💜


Happy Birthday, October ~ Babies 🎂

Hello my lovely friends 💕

Is this the month where you get to blow out the candles on a delicious cake, and everyone wishes you well? 😊 Then I would like to be among the first to do so! 😍

You deserve all the best, because you’re a wonderful person 😊

Your Birthstone is the beautiful and magical Opal and the calming Tourmaline 💜

Your flower is the pretty and fragrant Marigold

You are in pretty awesome company! 😃

Here are some more fabulous October ~ Babies…

JohnCleese 🌼 Matt Damon 🌼 Sigourney Weaver 🌼 Hugh Jackman 🌼 Angela Lansbury 🌼 and the beloved Carrie Fisher 🌹

Now I have one more thing for the Girls 😁

Have a glorious, wonderful, fabulous Birthday! Do all things fun, celebrate, eat that cake…and let your loved ones celebrate the amazing YOU! 💕

With Smiles 🙂 Hugs 🤗 and Love 💖

Happy Birthday, September Babies 💕🎂🥂🍾🍁

Hello my lovely friends 💕

Is this your month? 😍 Then I wanna be among the first to wish you a very awesome birthday, and many happy returns!

Besides being awesome, you are also very lucky! Your Birthstone is the Sapphire 😍 and your flower is the beautiful Morning Glory!

I found this beautiful sentiment about your special stone…

The Morning Glory 😍

(Amazing Art by Ernesto Arrisueno)

Did I mention that you’re awesome? 😁

Besides you, a few other wonderful people celebrate a birthday this month…

Amy Poehler,


Lily Tomlin,

Michael Buble,

Bruce Springsteen

just to name a few 😊

Now go have fun! Tell everyone it’s your Birthday-Month…then let them celebrate the amazing, wonderful, fabulous YOU! 💕🎂🥂🍾🎁🎉🎈🎈🎈

I’m sending Smiles 🙂 Love 💕 and Hugs 🤗 your way!