Your Weekend ~ Chuckle πŸ˜Ž

Hello my lovely friends πŸ’• Thanks for peeking in πŸ¦„

I’ve been collecting funnies all week, and I sure hope that there’s something that tickles your funnybone 😁 

On that note…


First – something for my fellow yarnies πŸ˜‰


Can you relate? πŸ˜†


OMG….I can’t πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


This one had me laughing ’til I cried 🀣 Don’t really know why 😝

That’s it for today 😎 I hope you found some laughs here πŸ˜„

I’ll be back later, and hope you will too! 😍

Until then  πŸ’•

I πŸ’œ DandelionsΒ 

Hello my lovely friends πŸ’• Welcome back πŸ˜ƒ

This post started out as a collection of ‘Random Things’, with just a tiny Dandelion seed blowing across it. 😊 But Dandelions are so amazing, I decided they deserve their own space. 😍

So I set out and found some Dandelion-related funnies, pictures, inspirations, and a poem to share with you πŸ’œ

First…a funnyΒ 

Such a lovely sentiment…

An artsy idea…Β 

I think this would be an awesome gift for grandparents, aunts, uncles, if you let the wee ones ‘paint’ the flowers with their fingerprints 😍

Here’s a craft idea…

(I found this on ‘

More…12 things to make with Dandelion Flowers Β to be exact πŸ˜‹ were published by Β  Β  Β Β  The nerdy Farmwife

Here’s where I go in my dreams 😊 

I’ve had this dream of a little house, surrounded by Dandelions, for a long time now… Β  Β  Β  Living on ‘My Dandelion Farm’ πŸ’•

A little ‘Folk Art’ Doodle from last year 😁

A field of a hundred wishes 😌

 Beautiful words about a beautiful flower 😊 


I could tell you of a story, of this flower that I saw.
Growing in a little crack, this flower had it all.

It’s beauty got me thinking, how quicky we forget.
It isn’t where we come from, it’s that we never quit.

The struggles that this flower faced, no quiver nor a fall.Β 
It rose above the chances,Β 
through this crack that was so small.

The only will was life, and the chance that it may “be”.Β 
Exist in ways intended, and truly live as free.

This dandelions beauty, gives me the strength to know,
content with where I’m rooted,
and will to always grow.

~ Ricky LouisΒ 

I hope you enjoyed my ‘love letter’ to all Dandelions πŸ’œ

Have a wonderful rest-of-the-day 😘

See you tomorrow!

Until then πŸ’•

Hodgepodge Giveaway πŸ¦„

Hello my lovely friends Β πŸ’•

Here it is – another chance to win one of these little gifts 🎁


A crochet Dishcloth and Scrubby


A Stretch Bracelet and Gemstone/Leather Earrings


A felted FlowerPin and Gemstone Earrings


Just a little comment ~ a 😊 or πŸ‘» or πŸ¦„ will do ~will get your name in the hat 🎩 – even if you’ve entered before 😁

Good luck! πŸ€

I hope to see you later 🌼

Until then πŸ’•



Mystery Blogger Award

Hello my lovely friends Β  Β πŸ’• Β  I have been honored with another Award Nomination  😍 Β Will you join me in a Happy Dance? πŸ’ƒπŸ»


The lovely Emma from Emma Crafts Design nominated me for the ‘Mystery Blogger Award’

First – ‘The Rules

Thank the person who nominated you and link their blog, tell your readers three things about yourself, nominate people, notify your nominees by commenting on their blogs, ask your nominees five questions of your choice and share a link or links to your favourite posts.

Second – 3 Things about myself

1. I’m originally from Germany. That’s where I met my soldier many moons ago, and liked him so much that I’ve been following him around ever since.  😁 Β  We’ve been living in Kansas for the last 10 years…I guess you could say we finally settled in.

2. I love rainy days. I think it’s glorious to sit inside – in my favorite chair -, dark(ish) outside, but warm and cozy inside, crocheting by lamplight, watching TV

3. I absolutely despise butchered language  😣   Like vacay, delish 😳  (just typing that makes me cringe). I do wonder what people do with the time they safe by not pronouncing the whole word

ThirdΒ  – Emma posted some questions for me…here they are

  1. What is your favorite TV show?
    That’s tough πŸ€” I wanna say ‘Monk’ – I’ve been watching reruns lately, and really enjoy them
  2. What is the craft you prefer?
    I’ve done pretty much everything – right now I’ve been bitten by the Crochet Bug…and loving every minute 😍
  3. If you could live in any country, where would it be?
    I’m very happy here in the US Β πŸ˜€ Β Now if I could just scoot over a bit so I’m by the ocean…that would be perfection
  4. What’s your favorite dish
    Anything with fish
  5. Do you prefer dawn or dusk?
    Dawn – I love the possibilities of a whole new day being stretched out in front of me

Fourth ~ Some of my favorite posts

Dumbo the Octopus Β from Emma Crafts Design ~ If you love Amigurumi you have to check out that little cutie

Brenna’s Freeform BagΒ Β  ~Β  Brenna made this fabulous bag using Freeform Crochet – and she’s sweet enough to show you the process

Now – my nomineesΒ  – Envelope please πŸ†

Brenna from Crochet539

Tracy from It’s a T-Sweets day!

Tami from Tanglewood Knots

Victoria from Knotjustanimals

Yolanda from yochet

Alright Girls – here are your questions…

  1. Do you have a favorite book?
  2. What’s your favorite pastry?
  3. Would you rather be in the mountains or on the beach?
  4. What’s your all-time favorite band?
  5. Small town or citylife?

That’s it from me – As always…I’m looking forward to hearing from you πŸ€—

If I forgot to put you on the list Β  πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ – I can be a bit scatterbrainy at times – Β  and you wanna play, please feel free to answer the questions in the comments.

I’ll be back soon with a WIP post and Part III of the Crochet Along. Busy day 😎

Take care! See you soon

Until then πŸ’•

‘Hodgepodge ~ Giveaway’ πŸ˜

Hello my lovely friends πŸ’• Thank you! Thank you! Thank you all for being here! 😍

Because of YOU my little blog has reached a milestone – the big (for me 😁) πŸ’―!!! 

And if that’s not a great reason for gifts I don’t know what is! πŸ˜ƒ

So I’ve made a few things for three lucky πŸ˜‰ winners. Since it’s a ‘Hodgepodge‘ Blog and – Giveaway I revisited my craft supplies from days gone by, and made earrings, a bracelet, a felted flower pin ….and of course something crocheted. 

Now you probably wanna see some pictures 😏 ‘kay…here they are 

One of you will win a cotton dishcloth, and a scrubby πŸ™‚

Ugh….the Scrubby looks a bit wonky – but it’s not, I promise ☺️ See…

Then there’s this..Leather/Gemstone Earrings and a Turtle/Peace sign Stretch Bracelet

And last but not least – a felted Flower Pin and Gemstone Earrings 

All you have to do is leave a comment here, and I’ll put your name in the hat. Literally 😁 

No, really – piece of paper, name, hat 😎 

I hope you like my little selection 😊 Good luck πŸ€

Oh…psst…just between you, me, and the fence post – I will post little reminders over the next week, and every comment on these posts gets you another entry 😘

The drawing is next Sunday. I will try to get my lovely daughter to do the honors and draw 3 names out of the 🎩

Now I let you get back to what you were doing! 😁

I’ll be back tomorrow, and hope you will too! πŸ€—

Until then πŸ’•

Your Weekend Chuckle πŸ˜†

Hello my lovely friends πŸ’• Welcome back!


I couldn’t help but laugh at this  πŸ˜‚


Hehehe 😜


Okaaaaay 😳


True story 😁

I hope these funnies brought a smile or two to your lovely face 😊

Now my yarn and hook are calling me πŸ™‚

I shall be back tomorrow…and hope you will too! 😍

Until then πŸ’•

The Fantastic Bake ~AlongΒ 

Hello my lovely friends πŸ’• Today you’re in for a real treat! A delicious bread is on the menu for this weekend’s ‘Fantastic Bake~Along’ 😍

 Don’t you just love baking your own bread? The fantastic smells coming out of the kitchen spell love and comfort πŸ’œ I love how everyone gathers around aiming for that first slice. πŸ€—

Doesn’t that look delicious? I bet you can’t wait to get started! πŸ˜‹

Here is the recipe:
Whole Grain Bread – makes 1 loaf

Recipe by Kathy Reeves @ Sewing Etc.

Bread Machine Instructions– Use the dough setting. Add the ingredients in this order

8 oz. tepid water

1 teaspoon salt
2 Tablespoons butter  ~ I used Sunflower Butter 

2 Tablespoons honey

2 Tablespoons wheat bran  ~ I used steelcut oats 

2 Tablespoons wheat germ

2 teaspoons flax seed  

ΒΌ cup whole wheat flour

2 ΒΌ cup white flour

1 package or 2 Β½ teaspoons yeast

Optional: Raisins or chopped nuts (This is not part of the original recipe…it’s just what I do 😁)

Punch down the dough, roll into a rectangle, and roll up from the short end like a jelly roll, pinching the ends and edge to seal. Place, seams side down in a greased loaf pan. Cover; let rise in warm, draft free place until doubled in size, about 45-60 minutes.
Bake at 400 degrees F for 30 minutes or until done. Remove from pans; cool on wire rack.

Hand Mixing Instructions-
In a large bowl mix very warm water (105 degrees), butter, honey and salt until dissolved. Add yeast, set aside for 5 minutes to proof.

Stir in wheat bran, wheat germ, flax seed and whole wheat flour.
Stir in enough white flour to make a soft dough, then turn out and knead on a lightly floured surface until smooth and elastic. You will probably use all of the white flour as you knead for 8-10 minutes. Place in a lightly greased bowl, cover and let rise about one hour.

Punch down the dough, roll into a rectangle, and roll up from the short end like a jelly roll, pinching the ends and edge to seal. Place, seams side down in a greased loaf pan. Cover; let rise in warm, draft free place until doubled in size, about 45-60 minutes.
Bake at 400 degrees F for 30 minutes or until done. Remove from pans; cool on wire rack.
**How do you know when the bread is done? Knock on the loaf, and if it sounds hollow, it is done or nearly there! 

This time I added the raisins, and the yeast worked some of them to the top…and, I guess, the moisture turned them back into grapes πŸ˜‚

I had to pick them off – they tasted a bit burned 😝

But the rest of the wonderful loaf was in fantastic shape πŸ˜†

If there’s any left we’ll have it with a layer of honey for breakfast tomorrow. 😍

If you wanna join us next month, visit Tracy’s Blog to sign up. We’re looking forward to having you! 😍
Here’s her invite…

Alright…..clean-up time 😣 Then I’ll get your ‘Weekend Chuckles’ posted πŸ˜† I hope you can make time and stop by again later. πŸ˜€

Until then πŸ’•

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