Your 🎅🏼 Advent 🕯 Calendar 🎄 ~ Day 24

Hello my lovely friends 💕 Here we are…at the last day and door of the Advent Calendar. I had so much fun peeking behind each door every morning, and hope you enjoyed it too! 😍

Today I wanna share with you a lovely Christmas song. It’s ‘Silent Night’, sung by Heintje.

Ever since I was a little girl, this song, in this version, is a part of my Christmas Eve. My parents played it as we kids walked into the living room to find the trimmed tree, and the presents. 😊 And I and my family carry this tradition forth to this day.

Fun fact ~ when I was 7, 8 years old I was very serious about wanting to marry him. 😆 Needless to say…that didn’t happen.

Can you blame me though? 😉

So…without further ado – here is Stille Nacht

He does sing it in german. But he does have -excuse me for getting sappy- the voice of an angel. So I hope you enjoy it as much as I do 😍

Have a wonderful, joyful, peaceful Christmas 💕


Your 🎅🏼 Advent 🕯 Calendar 🎄 ~ Day 23

Hello my lovely friends 💕

Wow, I can’t believe it’s the 23rd 😳 Where has this month gone?

Aaaand I still don’t have all the gifts 😣 So a trip to the mall is imminent…that should be fun!

I hope Santa is more prepared than I am 😉

Well, ready or not, tomorrow he’ll be on his way

Will you be tracking his journey?

Did you know that at ‘’ you can take a look at Santa’s House and the Elf Village ?

With 3D view and lots of photos 😍 It’s really cute…you should take a peek when you have a free minute.

Oh…and at the bottom of the ‘listing’ is a link to the NORAD Santa Tracker 😃

Have a wonderful day 💕

I’m off to the stores 😬 Wish me luck…please!

Your 🎅🏼 Advent 🕯 Calendar 🎄 ~ Day 22

Hello my lovely friends 💕

As I’m sitting here, looking out onto the bare, brown trees I can’t help thinking…since I can’t have a white Christmas, I will settle for this 😉

Mele Kalikimaka, my friends! 😍

And in the spirit of a beach-y Christmas…how about this tree? 😁

Have a lovely day! 💕

Your 🎅🏼 Advent 🕯 Calendar 🎄 ~ Day 21

Hello my lovely friends 💕

Let’s see what’s behind Door # 21…

Aaah…the coffee failure

Or – as happened just this morning – you forget to set the cup under the dripper 👍🏻😜

Bahahaha! 😂 Good thing it was would’ve been the second cup!

I hope you have a wonderful, mishap-free day! 😘

Your 🎅🏼 Advent 🕯 Calendar 🎄 ~ Day 20

Hello my lovely friends 💕

Today I’d like to take you to Grindelwald in Switzerland 😍 Such a magical place!

Are you dreaming of a white Christmas? ⛄️

I wish you a wonderful, happy, fabulous day! 🤗

Your 🎅🏼 Advent 🕯 Calendar 🎄 ~ Day 19

Hello my lovely friends 💕

In case you don’t know yet what to wear to Christmas dinner 😁

Have a lovely day 💕

More ‘Last-Minute’ (handmade) Gifts 🎁

Hello my lovely friends 💕

Here are a few more ideas for that special someone that deserves a handmade gift 😉

1. A Dreamcatcher

Last year I posted the story behind the lovely origins of Dreamcatchers 😊

I believe they make wonderful gifts, and you can make one in just an hour or two.

I found this awesome pictorial on Pinterest

The writing is a tad small – but the pictures explain the process really well. I hope you think so too. 😊

If you wanna safe time, and not worry about wrapping the ring – a Grapevine wreath makes a great frame for the ‘web’

I made some of these, and they were loved all around. 😃

2. Mesh Grocery Bags

I love these reusable bags. They easily fit into your purse, and unfold in a snap to hold all your groceries. No more plastic!

(Photo taken from the ‘Knit-O-Matic Website)

You can find an easy to follow (written) tutorial here

3. Gift card/Money/Jewelry Holder

I made a few of these little pouches this year. They’re a pretty way to present small gifts.

And they are so easy -and fast – to make.

Here’s how…

Ch 12; dc in 4th ch from hook, skip 1 chain, 3 Dc in next 3 chain, skip 1 chain, dc in last chain. Join with a slipstitch. Fasten off.

Attach a new color in the space between last dc, and the 3dc cluster. Ch3, 2dc, ch1, *3dc, ch1. Repeat from * 2 more times = 4 clusters

Now you will work on the ‘underside’ of the starting chain.

3 dc in ch1 space, ch1; *3dc, ch1 in 3ch space; repeat from * 3 times = 4 clusters. Join with a slipstitch. Fasten off.

Attach a new color in the first ch space of the rounded end. Ch2, 2dc, ch1, 3dc in same space; ch1, 3 dc in next ch1 space; (ch1, 3dc, ch1, 3dc) in next ch1 space.

Ch1, 3 dc in next two ch1 spaces.

Ch1, (3dc, ch1, 3dc) in next ch1 space. Ch 1, 3dc in next ch1 space, ch1. (3dc, ch1, 3dc) in next space.

(Ch1, 3dc) in next two spaces. Join with a slipstitch, and fasten off.

Stitch or crochet 3 sides together…et voilá…you’re done.

Are you all set for Christmas now? I’ll look around…maybe I’ll find some superfast gifts 😁

If I do I will share them with you tomorrow! 😘

Until then 💕

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