The Little Bag ~ Crochet and Go 🏃🏻‍♀️

Hello my lovely friends 💕 How very lovely of you to peek in!

Do you need a little crossbody bag? For just the bare necessities, like phone, keys, lipstick? 😊

Then I’d like to invite you to a quick and easy crochet-along! 😀

I need mine for the daily walks I take with my dogs. In cooler temperatures there is no lack of ‘storage room’….I only buy jackets with big pockets. 😁 But now that it’s getting warmer out there I found myself in a bit of a pickle. Pants pockets just won’t do it. 

Sound familiar? Well, then grab some yarn and a crochet hook, and let’s do this! 🤓

1. Start by crocheting 2 ‘Granny Squares’. 

*A little tip – since you’re making a bag that’s gotta be somewhat sturdy, you wanna use a smaller size hook than the instructions recommend 

The upper border is a few rows of ‘Tunisian’ (Afghan) Stitch. 

That stitch is new to me, but once you get in the rhythm, it’s a very pretty and fast stitch…maybe my favorite right now. 😍 

Plus I finally know what this ‘Hook on steroids’ is for! 😂 It was in a bundle of knitting needles I picked up at a Thrift Store, and I’ve been wondering about it since. 

I’ve practiced working with it, and I must say it’s a bit hard on the wrist. So, if the stitch count allows just use a regular plain hook. 😊

2. Okay….back to the ‘Tunesian Stitch‘. Pick up stitches on one side of your square. 

*When you come to the space, pick up the one stitch to the left and right, but place only one stitch into the space….oh, gee – I hope this makes sense. If not, please let me know! 😊

3. Turn your work around, insert your hook into the 2nd stitch from the hook…yarn over, pull backwards and leave the loop on the hook = 2 loops. Repeat to the end of the row. 

Don’t forget the very last one! 🤓

4.  Now…don’t turn your work! 

Pull the yarn through the first loop, like a chain stitch 

…then pull the yarn through 2 loops – the ‘active’ and the next one. 

Keep going, combining 2 loops until there’s only one left. 

5. Now place your hook under the second vertical bar, hook and pull the yarn through. 

Leave the loop on the hook and continue on like before. The last stitch goes into the very last vertical bar.

And again….yarn through first loop, then continuously through 2. 

There you perfected the ‘Tunesian (Afghan) stitch. 🤗

If you – at any point- have problems, questions because the instructions are not clear, please leave me a comment or send me a message. I wasted a lot of time, because the first few patterns I came across were not very clear. On a happy note…. I might have created a new stitch 😂😂😂


But here’s what it’s supposed to look like 

6. Now it’s time to stitch the two pieces together. There I can recommend 2 ways. Each one is fast and easy

First one is crocheted….

Just go around three sides, picking up both loops of the stitch, and working a single crochet. 

For the second method you’ll need a large tapestry needle, ’cause we’re gonna sew. 😋

This is my favorite way to go because the seams lay nice and flat.

Just thread the needle, pick up the second chain stitch of the corner square, pull the thread taut, insert your needle into the top loop of the stitch below, and keep going. Remember….only one loop, and always work from right to left. 😊

7. Almost done 😁 

Work a crabstitch around the top to even out the edge (Granny Square edges can be a bit messy…or is it just me? 🙈)

8. Now the strap. Again I have two suggestions 

The first one is the fast shortcut 😏 Another bonus is the comfort. If you’re not too keen on wearing wooly stuff on your skin in the middle of summer 🌞 just sew 2 rings into the seam and you can attach the strap from another purse as needed.

Or, if you like it all wooly, crochet the strap right onto the purse 

I picked up six ‘vertical bars’ ( just like you did before) and started working the tunesian stitch. 

Keep going until you reach your desired length, crochet it in place…..and you’re 

DONE! 😀 What do you think? Like it? 😍 

If you make one please share your pictures with us 😀

And again, if you have any questions anywhere during your project, please don’t hesitate to ask! I’m just one message away! 🤓

I hope you come back for *New~Stitch~Sunday’ 😎

Until then 💕

~Tina xoxo 


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