Get Hooked on Finger Crochet 🤓

Hello my lovely friends 💕 How nice of you to peek in! 

As you know I was laid up last week. 🤧 Even though I had the TV (Hallmark Movies and Mystery Channel saved the days 😊) and slept a lot, I was getting restless after a few hours. I get real fidgety when my hands have nothing to do. 🙃 But because of the aforementioned napping knitting needles or crochet hooks were out of the question. I didn’t wanna add injury to my list of ailments. 🤕

So I grabbed a skein of chunky yarn, conveniently stored within arms reach in a basket under the coffee table, and started to finger crochet. And I must say it’s fabulous 😀

It does take some practice. Well, if you know the basics it gets real easy after 3, 4 rows. 

To make a scarf  ~ ch 11, and place your first sc in the 10th ch. At the end of the row *ch 1, turn, and sc in the second stitch 

finish the row, placing a sc in each stitch, making sure you pick up both top loops- otherwise your scarf gets too ‘holey’. 😊 Repeat from * until you reach the desired length. 

I used ‘Bernat Blanket’ yarn – it’s chunky, very soft and comes in lots of pretty colors and also multicolored. I love this yarn in fall colors 

If you can get your hands on artisan yarn you should definitely try that. The result is simply gorgeous 😍

Am I right, or am I right? 😋

This is a great way to be creative on the go – no needles or hooks to worry about. Just grab a ball of yarn and run. 😁

It’s also a nice activity for kids. Since they don’t have to worry about holding the hook the right way, they get to concentrate on the stitches and that way pick up the basics of crocheting without any frustrating mishaps or hand cramps. 😁

When you decide to try this fun and fast way of making something pretty, please let me know and don’t forget to share your pictures. 😘

I’m going back to hook and yarn so I can show you some progress tomorrow for ‘Work in Progress’ Wednesday. 

I hope to see you here tomorrow 💕

~Tina xoxo 

⚡️I’m not affiliated with any company mentioned here.


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