It’s *New*Stitch *Sunday* ~ Lacy & Tunesian

Hello my lovely friends  πŸ’• Thanks for stopping by.

Today I’d like to show you two stitches that are great for blankets and scarves/shawls.

The first one apparently doesn’t have a name….from what I could find out it’s known as ‘simple and pretty’ 🀣 Maybe you know the “official” name? If you do, please let me know! 😊

Okay…here is ‘simple and pretty’ 😁

If you’d like to try it…here’s how 

Starting chain- multiple of 6 plus 3 

Row 1: (4 dc, 3 ch, 1 dc) all in 5th ch from the hook; 

*skip 4 ch, (4 dc, 3 ch, 1 ch) in 5th ch from the hook*; repeat * to * to the end of the row, dc in last ch 

Ch 3, turn 

Row 2:  (4 dc, 3 ch, 1 dc) in every 3-ch space across the row, 1 dc in top of turn-3-ch 

Repeat Row 2 until the desired length. 

Well, one thing is sure….it is ‘simple and pretty’ 😊 Right?! 

✨The second stitch is the ‘Tunesian (Afghan) Stitch ✨

If you saw last week’s The Little Bag ~ Crochet & Go Post you know it already. But – in case you missed it…here you go 
1. Work your foundation chain with the required number of chains- plus 1

2. Turn your work around, insert your hook into the 2nd stitch from the hook…yarn over, pull backwards and leave the loop on the hook = 2 loops. Repeat to the end of the row. 

Don’t forget the very last one πŸ€“

3. Ch 1, yo, pull the yarn through 2 loops from the hook – the ‘active one plus one. Keep going, 2 loops at a time to the end of the row. You now have one loop on your hook.

4. Place your hook under the first vertical bar, and pull the yarn through. 

Leave the loop on the hook, continue to the end of the row. 

And again, 1 ch, then combine 2 loops until you have one left. 

Repeat . There, you’ve perfected the ‘Tunesian Stitch’. 😊 

If you – at any point- have problems, questions because the instructions are not clear, please leave me a comment or send me a message. I wasted a lot of time, because the first few patterns I came across were not very clear. On a happy note…. I might have created a new stitch πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


This is what it’s supposed to look like 

That’s it for today. 😊 I hope you enjoyed these stitches…next week I’ll show you the beautiful ‘Harlequin Stitch’ ….well, hopefully – gotta practice some more to make it presentable! 😝

Let me know if this inspired you, and share your ideas and creations here. πŸ€—

Until next time πŸ’•

~ Tina xoxo 

Recipe ~Friday πŸ₯˜ Country Style Ribs ‘n Beer-with a twistΒ 

Hello my lovely friends  πŸ’• Thanks for peeking in πŸ€—

Maybe you remember the recipe for Country Style Ribs ‘n Beer I shared a while ago. Did you cook the ribs? I hope you liked it. πŸ˜€

Today I have a variation to share with you. It was a spontaneous add-on last night…let me tell you how that came about. 

See, once in a while hubby and I like to go to the casino. 😎 He likes to smoke his cigar, away from the cold/heat/wind, and I’m addicted to their cappuccino. 😝 Anyway – usually I prep dinner, we eat when he comes home, and off we go. Well, yesterday he came home at 4:30 – a bit too early for dinner. So I decided to throw the (alread cooked) ribs into the Crockpot. Easy peasy! ☺️ Only problem….there wasn’t enough liquid in the pan. Out of broth,  I dove into the pantry and came up with a jar of ‘Chipotle & Lime’ Salsa. Hmmm…. maybe! πŸ€”I enjoy a little ‘tastebud’ adventure….so I added that and 1/3 cup of water….oh my! That is awesome!!! πŸ™†πŸ»

We will try different Salsas – but from here on out Ribs will always have Beer & Salsa in it! 😁

Is your mouth watering yet? πŸ˜ƒ Will you have ribs for dinner? I sure hope you enjoy them! 

Have a wonderful day! πŸ€— See you next time 

Until then πŸ’•

~ Tina xoxo 

The Little Bag ~ Crochet and Go πŸƒπŸ»β€β™€οΈ

Hello my lovely friends πŸ’• How very lovely of you to peek in!

Do you need a little crossbody bag? For just the bare necessities, like phone, keys, lipstick? 😊

Then I’d like to invite you to a quick and easy crochet-along! πŸ˜€

I need mine for the daily walks I take with my dogs. In cooler temperatures there is no lack of ‘storage room’….I only buy jackets with big pockets. 😁 But now that it’s getting warmer out there I found myself in a bit of a pickle. Pants pockets just won’t do it. 

Sound familiar? Well, then grab some yarn and a crochet hook, and let’s do this! πŸ€“

1. Start by crocheting 2 ‘Granny Squares’. 

*A little tip – since you’re making a bag that’s gotta be somewhat sturdy, you wanna use a smaller size hook than the instructions recommend 

The upper border is a few rows of ‘Tunisian’ (Afghan) Stitch. 

That stitch is new to me, but once you get in the rhythm, it’s a very pretty and fast stitch…maybe my favorite right now. 😍 

Plus I finally know what this ‘Hook on steroids’ is for! πŸ˜‚ It was in a bundle of knitting needles I picked up at a Thrift Store, and I’ve been wondering about it since. 

I’ve practiced working with it, and I must say it’s a bit hard on the wrist. So, if the stitch count allows just use a regular plain hook. 😊

2. Okay….back to the ‘Tunesian Stitch‘. Pick up stitches on one side of your square. 

*When you come to the space, pick up the one stitch to the left and right, but place only one stitch into the space….oh, gee – I hope this makes sense. If not, please let me know! 😊

3. Turn your work around, insert your hook into the 2nd stitch from the hook…yarn over, pull backwards and leave the loop on the hook = 2 loops. Repeat to the end of the row. 

Don’t forget the very last one! πŸ€“

4.  Now…don’t turn your work! 

Pull the yarn through the first loop, like a chain stitch 

…then pull the yarn through 2 loops – the ‘active’ and the next one. 

Keep going, combining 2 loops until there’s only one left. 

5. Now place your hook under the second vertical bar, hook and pull the yarn through. 

Leave the loop on the hook and continue on like before. The last stitch goes into the very last vertical bar.

And again….yarn through first loop, then continuously through 2. 

There you perfected the ‘Tunesian (Afghan) stitch. πŸ€—

If you – at any point- have problems, questions because the instructions are not clear, please leave me a comment or send me a message. I wasted a lot of time, because the first few patterns I came across were not very clear. On a happy note…. I might have created a new stitch πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


But here’s what it’s supposed to look like 

6. Now it’s time to stitch the two pieces together. There I can recommend 2 ways. Each one is fast and easy

First one is crocheted….

Just go around three sides, picking up both loops of the stitch, and working a single crochet. 

For the second method you’ll need a large tapestry needle, ’cause we’re gonna sew. πŸ˜‹

This is my favorite way to go because the seams lay nice and flat.

Just thread the needle, pick up the second chain stitch of the corner square, pull the thread taut, insert your needle into the top loop of the stitch below, and keep going. Remember….only one loop, and always work from right to left. 😊

7. Almost done 😁 

Work a crabstitch around the top to even out the edge (Granny Square edges can be a bit messy…or is it just me? πŸ™ˆ)

8. Now the strap. Again I have two suggestions 

The first one is the fast shortcut 😏 Another bonus is the comfort. If you’re not too keen on wearing wooly stuff on your skin in the middle of summer 🌞 just sew 2 rings into the seam and you can attach the strap from another purse as needed.

Or, if you like it all wooly, crochet the strap right onto the purse 

I picked up six ‘vertical bars’ ( just like you did before) and started working the tunesian stitch. 

Keep going until you reach your desired length, crochet it in place…..and you’re 

DONE! πŸ˜€ What do you think? Like it? 😍 

If you make one please share your pictures with us πŸ˜€

And again, if you have any questions anywhere during your project, please don’t hesitate to ask! I’m just one message away! πŸ€“

I hope you come back for *New~Stitch~Sunday’ 😎

Until then πŸ’•

~Tina xoxo 

Work ~ in ~ Progress – Wednesday 🌸 Update on the Granny Square CardiΒ 

Hello my lovely friends πŸ’• Thank you so much for peeking in today! 

I’ve made a little progress on the Granny Square Cardigan πŸ˜€ ….the – partial – construction has begun. There’s still a lot of Granny Squares and – Triangles to be made, but now I have an idea where I’m going…that the ‘blueprint’ actually makes sense in real life! πŸ€“

I did make a change though – it was just a bit too much yellow for my taste. Especially since it’s not a bright lemon-y yellow, but a very pale one. My thought was ‘why not go to the other end of the spectrum…lavender’ 😁 So….back to the store for….green! 🀣 Silly me thought I found the perfect match to the peacock yarn (the finished square was safely at home 😝). I get it home….yeah – not a good match. At all πŸ˜– Lavender it is.

 *Thanks to hubby for driving me through a torrential downpour back to the yarn store 😘

Now, without further ado…here’s where I am so far 

I do need your input here….with or without the lavender on the sleeve? I’m not sure which version I like better – the pointy half sleeve, or the sorta long, wide sleeve. Any thoughts really are appreciated πŸ€—

Thanks for looking, and- maybe – thinking about it! 😊

I’m looking forward to your comments!

 I hope to see you next time! πŸ™‹πŸ»

Until then πŸ’•

~ Tina xoxo 

Popcorn & Broomstick ~ It’s *New*Stitch*Sunday*Β 

Hello my lovely friends πŸ’• How very sweet of you to peek in.

Welcome to a new feature – ‘New Stitch Sunday’ πŸ˜€

 When I crocheted years ago I didn’t really get that deep into it. I knew single, double, treble etc. crochet…enough for a dishcloth or a simple scarf. 😁 As I’m re-discovering my love for needlework I do wanna get a little (or a lot 😏) fancier. 

And I’d love to share with you what I’m learning. πŸ€“

The first stitch that caught my eye was the

  I. Broomstick Stitch.

You will need a large knitting needle to assist with this stitch. 

1. Start with a foundation chain — a multiple of 5 plus 1. 

2. Work a row of sc across the chain. 

3. First row of loops  — Hold the large knitting needle in your left hand. Enlarge the loop on the hook. Slip the loop onto the needle. 

If you don’t have such a large knitting needle on hand, a large cooking spoon will do 😏

4. Take the hook through the next stitch of the previous row. 

5. Pick up the yarn as you would for a sc. Enlarge the loop and slip it onto the needle. Repeat for the entire row. 

6. Slip the first 5 loops off the needle onto the hook. 

7. Hook the yarn and pull it through all 5 loops

8. Work a single chain stitch.                                                                                                                  Guide the hook through all 5 loops each time, work five sc into the group of loops. 

9. Repeat for groups of five for the entire row.

There…isn’t that pretty? 😍

The  II. Popcorn Stitch is as cute as it sounds and perfect for accent rows to pep up an otherwise simple design. 

1. On a right side row work 4 dc into the second stitch from the hook. 

2. Remove the hook from the loop, insert it through the top of the first dc, and again through the loop. 

3. Draw the hook backwards and pull the loop through the dc stitch. 

4. Work a sc into the next stitch. Skip a stitch and start over. 

I think this would be darling as the border of a hat. 😊

I hope you found a little inspiration here 😍 Let me know if you tried these stitches- any questions? πŸ€— Which ones should we try next Sunday? Any requests? 😁

Until next time πŸ’•

~ Tina xoxo 

Charmed, I’m sure! 😊 Cute Necklace ~ DIYΒ 

Hello my lovely friends πŸ’• Thank you so much for joining me today! 

How much do you love this adorable necklace? 😍 And it’s so easy to create…even if you never made a piece of jewelry! 

I was strolling through ‘Michael’s’ yesterday – hunting for an accent color yarn for the ‘Granny Square Cardi’ ….I didn’t like the yellow. Turns out I bought a color that I thought matched, but soooo doesn’t ~ so I have to go back. Drat πŸ˜‚ 

Oh, sorry….but you’re here for the necklace πŸ™ƒ

So…Michael’s, yarn in basket, I wandered into the jewelry section. Old habits die hard. 😊

Anyway, I spotted these cute little ‘Teaparty’ charms, and had to have them 

Adorable, right? πŸ’•

The matching chain – a 3 pack- was right there 

The charms come with jumprings attached, the chain with a clasp πŸ˜€ Very convenient, since I did get rid of most of my jewelry-making supplies. 

So all you need is the charms (the whole line of teapots, and cups is very tempting πŸ™‚), the chain and some small pliers. Raid your toolbox, I’m sure you have some that work

Ready? Here we go…

Lay out your chain -I picked the chain with the large links, open the jumprings, and hook them into the chainlinks…

Make sure that they’re spaced evenly πŸ˜‰

And, believe it or not, you’re done! πŸ˜€

Now wear it proudly, and enjoy the compliments! πŸ€—

This little lady loves it…

I hope you enjoyed this little detour into the jewelry world! 😁 

Will you make one? Please let me know, and maybe share a picture! 😘

I sure hope to see you next time! 

Until then πŸ’•

~ Tina xoxo 

πŸ’« I’m in no way affiliated with the store/company mentioned here.

Work~in~Progress Wednesday – The Granny Square CardiΒ 

Hello my lovely friends πŸ’• Thanks for peeking in.

I’ve made a little progress on the ‘Granny Square Cardigan. 

The sleeve design is finished…they’re 2 Granny Square halves, joined with a crocheted mock lace-up. 

To get the second one to be absolutely identical was a bit of a challenge 😁 See, the number of the yellow squares would not come out the same. The first sleeve has 33 on each side, when I finished the second one I got 32…unravel πŸ˜•, next time was 34. Ugh! 

So I layered the unfinished pieces onto the finished sleeve and marked the entry for the stitches with pins. 

Bingo! 33! πŸ€“

That’s all I’ve got crocheted. To continue I have to plan a bit more. Like I mentioned before, looks like it’ll be another puzzle project! πŸ˜‹

This is the latest design 

I do like it….the neckline is giving me a little headache though. Any suggestions really are welcomed. 

Now I’ll start on the yellow square halves…hopefully by next week this cardi will have taken shape. 😊

I’m looking forward to your comments/suggestions 😎

Until then πŸ’•

~Tina xoxo 

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