The First Steps On The New (Creative) Path 💕

Hello my lovely friends 💕 Welcome back! 

Yesterday I told you how I found a new direction in the creative ‘jungle’ 😊 With so many beautiful things and techniques…it took a while- but, I did it and here I am knitting and crocheting (again…after many, many years!) 😍

The first full project I started with the making of a Yarnball. They’re perfect if you want to knit/crochet a multi-yarn, multi-color ‘anything’. 🙂

Just pick all the yarns you would like to use, and connect them. I found a nifty -and ‘invisible’ way to do that . Let me show ya…

What the pictures don’t tell you is (I didn’t know how to photograph that 🤣) – between step 3 and 4, grab the tails and pull them carefully in opposite directions. That closes the loops, and smoothes things out.

Isn’t that amazing? See…no seam, no knot! 😃 And you can start your project without worrying about color change, or sewing up the tails later 😉

Of course you can just knot the different yarns together….apparently that’s the thing for Fall 2017! Like this sweater from the ‘Paul & Joe’ collection…

I’m still on the fence with that one 😁
So my yarnball is finished, and I started a crocheting a shawl. I wanna incorporate various stitches in it – I started with a ‘Broomstick Stitch’, triple crochet, and a few rows of  ‘Checkerboard Stitch’. 

I’m writing down the pattern as I go… if we like the result I can share it with you all. 🤗 
That’s all for today! I hope you’re enjoying a great day! 💐☀️🌼

Until next time 💕

~Tina xoxo 


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Bluebird4UDaily
    May 07, 2017 @ 16:31:54

    What a great idea for adding different yarns together for a project.. Thank you for this tip.. I have so much yarn of different colors and this will be a great idea for making balls of many for a nice project.. Thank you again.. hugs from Laura

    Liked by 1 person


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