A New (Creative) Path

Hello my lovely friends   💕   How sweet of you to peek in!

It’s been quite a while since I wrote to you last   😟   Let me tell you the reason why.
I had a little ‘soul-searching’ to do. If you remember, last time I told about my studio makeover, which also included de-stashing my jewelry making supplies. For years jewelry making excited me, made me happy. Well, that kinda stopped a few months back….and de-stashing only confirmed that nagging feeling that I was at the end of that path. I wasn’t inspired by my beads, the spark of excitement thinking of the possibilities was gone. I knew I have to change directions. But – where to? For a (long) while I felt kinda lost in the creative jungle. So many things to explore, so many pretty things to make – but nothing really grabbed me like the jewelry making did in the beginning.
Then it happened. During the clean-up/reorganizing/make-over of my studio I unearthed a basket full of yarn. I used to knit and crochet quite a lot many, many moons ago. But, even though I didn’t do a lot of needlework anymore, pretty, gorgeous yarn kept catching my attention, had to come home with me….hence the stash.
While fingering the yarn, sorting through the crochet hooks, and knitting needles, the spark of excitement was back!   😃  The seed was planted…crocheting, knitting – maybe even take it one step further and design a few fun pieces.
Then a few things happened
~ a friend of mine introduced me to ‘Ravelry’ -oh my…that site is a paradise for yarn-, crochet-, and knitting enthusiasts!
~browsing in the library I found a new book series* (in the cozy mystery section – my second home   😍) and the heroine is a crochet-designer    😳    Wait? What? Pretty awesome, right?!
~while digging in the hall-closet for a jacket I remembered having, but hadn’t seen all winter, I found a box with scarves and hats I made over the years. And I remembered the satisfaction of finishing a piece of wearable ‘anything’ with just a hook or needles and a ball of yarn.

So here I was, watching these puzzle pieces come together – and who am I to question the signs from the universe! Right? 😊

So…besides composing this post in my mind, somewhat committing to this new path, I started down the new road by sketching ideas, crocheting some test pieces, and brainstorming with the help of a fiber artist/friend.

Here is what I have so far…

1. A crochet cardi – Granny Squares and double/triple crochet


The yarn for the Granny Squares I found in my stash – the matching colors I found in a wonderful local yarn store.

2. This is more of a recycle, upcycle, ‘make wearable’     project.
Last weekend I found this cardigan in a Thrift Store. It’s a bit scary…take a look


Yikes! Right?    Very ’80s, Bill Cosby Show.
I do love a lot about this – the patterns, the colors, the material (100% fine cotton), the fact that it’s made in Australia – I can’t make friends with the idea that it’s supposed to be worn as is.
I sat down with my friend, the fiber artist and also the owner of the above-mentioned yarn store, and brainstormed. We came up with the idea of making it a shawl or a poncho…tone it down by removing the sleeves and maybe the border. I took it home, and gave it even more thought. Here’s what I came up with


I think without the sleeves and border and the side insert in crochet mesh, it might actually be wearable. We’ll see.

Are you still here? Thank you for that! 🤗

I actually have one more piece, but I’ve taken up enough of your time for one night, so I’ll save that one for tomorrow. 😌

*Oh, one more thing ….if you’re interested in the book series I mentioned- it’s called ‘Annie’s Mysteries Unraveled’. The series is about one lady, the crochet designer, but each book is written by a different writer. I’ve read three books so far and am not disappointed. 

This is the first one in the series 

I’m looking forward to sharing this new path with you. Let’s have fun on this journey into the needlework-world! I’ll do my best to make it entertaining.

I hope you join me next time 💕

Until then

~Tina xoxo

~I am in no way affiliated with the author(s) or publisher of the mentioned books. 






6 Comments (+add yours?)

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  2. Robin
    Apr 21, 2017 @ 10:36:35

    I love Ravelry too and spend way too much time browsing there. I can’t wait to see your beautiful project completed and thanks for the book recommendation too! That series seems right up my alley.



  3. Robin
    Apr 27, 2017 @ 18:05:00

    At this point in my life, light reads are the best!



  4. Bluebird4UDaily
    May 07, 2017 @ 16:35:29

    Times they are a changing happens often over here too.. I set out seasons for crafting different things here .. Winter is for making something in clay as the dry air tends to aid in the shortness of the drying time. Spring is all about gardening, Fall is about the sewing machine, and while I wait for the clay projects to dry fully it’s time of knitting with a nice chick flick playing on the D. V. D. player.. Take care, Laura



    • Kristabella's Hodgepodge
      May 10, 2017 @ 21:05:56

      That sounds wonderful, Laura 😍 I concentrated on jewelry for all these years, and built a brick-and-mortar business based on my designs and work. But without the excitement over new beads …it’s just no fun. It sounds like you found the perfect balance, perfect recipe to keep from getting bored with just one thing. 🤗 I love to watch TV while knitting/crocheting. Recently I discovered the Hallmark Mystery Channel…it’s what’s playing to keep me company! 😁 Hugs 🤗 Tina

      Liked by 1 person


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