Recipe Friday ~ Lentil Soup

I came across this Oldie, but Goldie this morning


…and have to agree! It was 18 this morning, now it has ‘warmed’ up to 22! WooHoo! 😨
I know my friends in Alaska are just rolling their eyes at me now, but I’m cold!
Perfect weather for a nice big pot of soup though, right? So today – and probably all weekend   😁, this recipe makes a lot! – we’ll eat lentil soup.
As I gathered the ingredients, and checked the lentils for little rocks, I started wondering …what does a lentil plant look like? I honestly had no idea.Nobody in my immediate vicinity knew, so I looked it up.
According to Wikipedia the lentil is part of the legume family (well, I knew that  😊 ). It is an edible pulse (in case you’re wondering – a seed of an leguminous plant). It is a bushy, annual plant, and about 16″ (40 cm) tall. The seeds grow in pods – on average 2 seeds per pod.
I love this illustration…


Now that we know that    😊   we’ll make a delicious, warming soup!
Here’s what you need –
~ 8 cups broth
~1 pound lentils
~1 cup diced onions
~2 stalks celery, diced
~2, 3 medium large potatoes, diced
~2 tomatoes, you guessed it…diced
~1 cup sliced carrots
~1 ring Kielbasa, sliced
~1 tsp. Greek seasoning
~1/2 tsp.dried Tarragon
~Vinegar (optional)

1. Pour the broth into your Crock Pot. Add lentils
2. Saute the onions in oil, and add them to the broth.
3. Brown the sliced Kielbasa in the same pan. Transfer to the Crock Pot.
4. Add remaining ingredients. Give it a good stir, cover, and cook on High 3-4 hours or on Low 6-7 hours.
Serve with warm Garlic Bread, and dig in! Enjoy!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Until next time
~Tina xoxo


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  1. mylifeasishan
    Dec 09, 2016 @ 23:04:42

    such a good recipe

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