PineCone Home Decor Project – revealed

Now you’ll (finally!) πŸ€“ find out what I did with the pretty pine cones I told you about this morning in my post Dear (Decor) Diary

I did bake the cones for an hour at 200 degrees/F.
Honestly – I did like them better before the baking. So I think, if I make another project, I’d just clean them – how? Find out right here Home Decor DIY ~ Stage 1
Especially in a project where they are more visible.





What do you think?  They lost their luster, didn’t they? But – what’s done is done, and they still work quite well for our arrangement.

Here’s what you need …
~a glass vase

~your pine cones


 ~decorative glass gems 

~1. Start by filling the vase with the gems – about 2″ high.


~2. Then add the pine cones and the Potpourri in layers.
I started with some Potpourri, set a pine cone on top – against the side of the vase, added more Potpourri, a cone on the other side, and so on.


~3. When you work your layers, make sure you have 2 or 3 pine cones left over – sticking out at the top they’ll give your arrangement the pretty ‘fall-y’ touch.
*This is not where it’ll stay – it’s just the ‘darkest’, yet still ‘light-enough-for-a-photo’ corner in my house…everywhere else the reflection of the window hid all the details.


And you’re done!   😍    Pretty easy, wasn’t it?
I hope you enjoy making your ‘Fall-Arrangement’! Please don’t forget to show me what you made!

Before you go – here is where mine lives now…

*see what I mean ‘reflection-wise’

I hope you will join me next time when I’ll show you what you can make with dried leaves, book pages, and ModPodge! 🍁
(The leaves are still being pressed, and not quite dry yet)

Take care! πŸ’•
~Tina xoxo




2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Andrea Cobb
    Nov 04, 2016 @ 00:45:33

    Awesome idea Tina. I have no decorating skills and will surely now know how to do this. Thank you!



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