Home Decor DIY ~ Stage 1

Wanna see what I’m doing today? I’m prepping various pieces for some Fall Home Decor DIYs. 🍁
Let me tell you about Stage 1 of these projects…

~1. Pinecones – I collected a few of these beauties on my morning walk.
To get them clean and free of critters and mildew (without bleach!) I soaked them in a water/vinegar mixture. A bucket or an old pot will do…fill it with water and add 1/2 cup of vinegar. Soak them for about 20 minutes, move them around once in a while- you can use your finger, ’cause *No chemicals*, then set them on a newspaper or paper towels to dry for a few hours – overnight is best.

Next they need to be ‘baked’ for 2, 3 hours in a 200 degree oven. Make sure to check them once in a while to make sure they don’t burn!
A nice advantage to this process is that your house will smell amazing.

Tomorrow I’ll show you how they came out, and what I did with them.

~2. I’m also planning some wall art – for that I’m ageing paper…

…and drying fern fronds


Ageing paper – I’m using old book pages. Not an easy task for a book lover like myself -but, I got a book at a thrift store, and it was not in the greatest condition. That made it a bit easier.
Black tea works great to make your paper look old and yellowed.
Just place the page (one at a time) in a big pot, pour hot, strong tea over it (tea bag and all), and let it sit until it has the desired shade. Set it on a paper towel to dry…done!

~3. Leaves, ModPodge, and Music
This one is almost done – it just has to dry now, then it can be framed or be part of a collage. I’ll show you tomorrow what I decided. 🤔


Here’s something I made last week. This one is pretty easy – the drying process took the longest. If you read my last post Cottage Home Decor – DIY you know about the Juniper bush in our yard that is a great source for Fall-Decor supply.

I painted a big canvas (18″ x 24″) with acrylic paint, positioned the juniper, and went to town with lots of ModPodge and a flat paintbrush.
*You wanna do this outside or in the garage – the fumes could knock you out! It takes a day or two to dry (again…away from daily traffic!) but then you’ll have a very unique ‘Piece of Nature’ in your home. 🍁

I hope you’ll peek in tomorrow to see the results of today’s preparations.

Take care! 💕

~Tina xoxo


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