Cottage Home Decor – DIY

Fall is here – at least the calendar tells me so! Our current temperatures are in the 70s, so it doesn’t feel like it yet. But, the trees are changing color, some are bare already, and November is looming on the horizon. Soon the sky will be grey, the trees and bushes brown, the clothes in the stores will adopt the drab color palette. 😣
Time to bring some color into our homes, right?!
For today’s project I combined a splash of happy with a bit of nature.


‘Piece of Nature’

In one corner of our yard we have an overgrown Juniper bush. It’s quite pretty,  😻 and, since it grows ever which way, it’s not even noticeable that I clipped off a few twigs here and there.

Besides a few branches of evergreen – pine looks great too – you’ll need
~ a small metal pail
~ tissue paper
~ a wide paint brush
~foam ~ I got the ‘wet foam’ so I can water the juniper a bit once in a while
~Spanish Moss (optional)
~a knife


Cover your work area with paper or a plastic bag. Tear the tissue paper, either in one long strip about the height of the pail, or in smaller irregular pieces – it depends only on your taste and the design of the paper.

Apply some ModPodge to the pail – please do this in a well ventilated area! I don’t want you to pass out from the fumes- and stick on the paper. Don’t worry about the wrinkles. I think they add a bit more charm.


When the pail is covered in paper, apply one coat of ModPodge over the entire area.

While this dries, gather your branches outside, cut the foam so it fits inside your vessel.

Once the outside of your pail is dry, fit your foam pieces inside.


Unless you want to fill the whole pail with your evergreen, you might want to cover the foam with ‘Spanish Moss’.


Now push three of your bigger branches into the foam at the back of the pail.


The smaller ones I just stuck, at random, in front of the tall ones.
Finish your decor with a small pumpkin, a rock you found, a pine cone.

I finished my ‘Piece of Nature’ with an Amethyst geode and a little witch!


‘Piece of Nature’ – Cottage Decor DIY

That didn’t take long, did it? 😊

If you like decorating a pail, pot, vase, but don’t have access to evergreen trees, a potted plant looks great too!


Or fill your bucket with collected pine cones, potpourri, etc.

I hope you have fun recreating this project! Please show me your ‘Piece of Nature’!

I have a few more projects waiting in the wing, and can’t wait to show you next time!
Until then

~Tina xoxo


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