Take a rose and a potato ~ Part II

A little over 3 weeks ago I shared the beginning of this project with you.

Here’s a – for lack of a better word – an update. I wish I could present a beautiful plant…sadly that’s not the case. 😕 It’s still just a stick in the mud.

There is some moss growing…

Yesterday I saw a few ants marching across the soil…I’m thinking they found the potato 😂😂😂 – but that’s all there is to report.

I was curious if anyone ever had any success with this project, so I googled the video. Turns out I’m not the only one with very meager results (aside from the moss 😜). Most people got nothing, a few had potato plants growing (that would be awesome 😄), and one or two got a rose. I wonder if it depends on the ‘mother plant’?!

As soon as I see anything, potato, rose, ant colony- I’ll let you know! 😬 …and you please do the same! I’m curious to see if this worked for you! 🤗

’til next time 💕

~Tina xoxo


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Bluebird4UDaily
    Sep 05, 2016 @ 14:51:52

    I’ve never tried this.. I must go and check out your part one.. and see just what you did.. Thank you for visiting my blog… hugs from Laura

    Liked by 1 person


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