Maker’s Monday ~ Lariat Design InspirationΒ 

A lariat is a great addition to any outfit. Since it’s just a long strand of beads -no clasp- you can wear it any way you like. It can be worn and wrapped like a scarf …and that’s how it got it’s name ~ from Spanish la reata – la ‘the’ and reata ‘tie again’

Here are a few ideas…

If you would like to make your own…here are the simple instructions (some basic knowledge is helpful)

You’ll need
~ 65″ beading wire
~ a selection of beads – glass, metal and/or acrylic
~ charms
~ crimp beads, crimp covers (optional), wire guards (optional)
~ Jumprings

After you decide on your beads, it’s time to design! Yay! 😍

Lay out the beads, push them around until you’re happy with the look (no worries – nothing is permanent until you crimp that 2nd crimp bead   πŸ˜‰  )
Now start stringing until you reach about 60″.
Then string a crimp bead, thread the wire through the guard, and back through the crimp bead.
*You don’t necessarily need the guard – I just like to use them, because it prevents the wire from rubbing against the jumprings which keeps it from breaking

Repeat this step on the other side.


AND …you’re done ~ well, almost. You now get to attach your charms.


Okay – now you’re done! πŸ˜„
Below I’m giving you a few more ideas for color combinations. Or you can make a fun multi-colored one, or just use one type/color of bead. You see, the possibilities are (almost) endless!


If you don’t like the typical Lariat look, simply attach a pretty clasp on one side, and a 10mm Jumpring on the other. The charm (or a nifty tassel) will spruce up this design.

Have fun designing, making, and-most of all- wearing your unique lariat. 

I hope you’ll show me your finished pretties! 😊 Questions? Please don’t hesitate to ask!

Until next time πŸ’•    

~ Tina  xoxo 



Take a rose and a potato ~ Part II

A little over 3 weeks ago I shared the beginning of this project with you.

Here’s a – for lack of a better word – an update. I wish I could present a beautiful plant…sadly that’s not the case. πŸ˜• It’s still just a stick in the mud.

There is some moss growing…

Yesterday I saw a few ants marching across the soil…I’m thinking they found the potato πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ – but that’s all there is to report.

I was curious if anyone ever had any success with this project, so I googled the video. Turns out I’m not the only one with very meager results (aside from the moss 😜). Most people got nothing, a few had potato plants growing (that would be awesome πŸ˜„), and one or two got a rose. I wonder if it depends on the ‘mother plant’?!

As soon as I see anything, potato, rose, ant colony- I’ll let you know! 😬 …and you please do the same! I’m curious to see if this worked for you! πŸ€—

’til next time πŸ’•

~Tina xoxo