DIY Necklace TutorialΒ 

Currently I’m busy planning projects for the September classes. I like this one so much, and I know that not all of you live close enough to attend the classes, that I decided to share it with you right here, ahead of time! 😍

Here’s what you need…

-a pendant/focal ~ Moonface, ‘Dream a little dream’ Plaque

– 4 ~ 35″ strands of silk cord (lime green, turquoise aqua)

– 21″ large link chain

– 1 medium link

– 7″ small, round link chain

– 6 ~ 2″ pieces of silver wire (24 gauge)

– 1 ~ 12″ piece of silver wire

– 3 Moss Agate beads

– 3 Limegreen beads

– 1 iridescent Rainbow bead (12mm)

– 2 freeform oval links (pewter)

– 1 Toggle clasp

Click here if you love (and wanna create with) thisΒ PendantΒ πŸŒ›

1. First you take the 4 strands of silk cord, fold them in half, and attach them, with a Lark’s head knot, to one of the freeform rings. Then you start braiding.


2. Keep going to your desired length – mine is 12″)

3. Take the ends, and thread them through the 2nd freeform ring. Fold the ends over, and wrap everything with the 12″ piece of wire.
Attach the large link chain to the ring.


Now, using 3 small chain links, attach the other end to the pendant


There…one half is done!

4. Now the other side…
Thread the beads onto the short pieces of wire, and form loops on both ends.


5. Take 3 small chain links, and connect the beads. Then, with 3 more links, connect the strand of beads to the top of the pendant.


6. Now connect the last bead to one part of the toggle – using the medium (chain)link, and the other part to the large-link chain.


You’re done! Β πŸ€— Β  Look at it! You did this! πŸ’• Congratulations!

I hope you had lots of fun with this project!
…and remember – should you have any questions, need clarification….I’m just a message away. 😊
Of course I’m – as always – looking forward to seeing your finished Necklace!

~Tina xoxo


Take a rose and a potato…

Hello ~ today I’m sharing my latest gardening project with you. Well, the first step, the beginning.
You might have seen the videos on Facebook, where a very clever soul is growing a rose with the help of a potato. I’ve always wanted to try that, saved the post…only to forget about it.
Then,Β  yesterday the universe put everything together for me, and I started the “Potato Rose”.
First of all, my rosebush had finally recovered from this year’s invasion of the ‘Japanese Beetle’. Boy, those little suckers really did a job on my poor flowers. I tried all the natural ‘get rid of bugs’ remedies I know…nothing worked. So, in the end, I had to – much to my chagrin – use a chemical. Β πŸ˜• Β  Β  That worked though, and now the little pretty is blooming again.


Second, the video popped up in my newsfeed again, and I had just bought potatoes.
So, what am I waiting for?
I clipped a rosebud with stem (about 10″)

removed the flower and the leaves


drilled a hole into the potato with a long, pointy screw


pushed the stem in – that was easier than I thought. Potatoes are quite ‘flexible’


planted everything in a medium size pot


Then I cut the bottom of a plastic bottle, and fitted it over the stem.
If you’re trying this at home, push the bottle into the dirt about 1/2″ so the first breeze doesn’t make off with your greenhouse!
A little water all around the bottle – done!


….and now we wait! 😊

I hope I’ll be able to show you results soon🌹If you don’t hear about this again, I’ve failed miserablyπŸ˜‹ That shouldn’t stop you from showing me your success though!!!
Good luck to you! πŸ€

~Tina xoxo


Mala ~ Prayer Beads – A little background info

If you’re following my Facebook and/or Instagram page, you’ve probably noticed some Mala-Prayer Beads lately.
Here are some examples so you know what I’m talking about…


A Mala is an amazing Meditation tool – if you’ve tried to meditate, but your mind keeps going from shopping list, to replaying last nights episode of {insert your favorite show here}, to the song you just heard on the radio….well, you get my drift, then a Mala can help you in your spiritual journey. I was introduced to this wonderful aid a few months ago…and became curious as to it’s origin and history.
I’d like to share with you what I learned…
Even way back when, people had problems concentrating  – everyday life is, and has always been, prominent in the mind . Ancient Indian seers recognized the problem, and created the first Malas. That was during the 8th century BC (yep, you read that right!) 😊
A statue of a Holy Hindu man holding beads dates back to the 3rd century BC (again, no typo!) πŸ˜‰

In Hinduism the correct name is Japa Mala. ‘Japa’ is the repeating of the name of a deity or a mantra. ‘Mala’ translates to “garland” or “wreath”.
The number of beads (btw – the word ‘bead’ derives from the Old English Noun ‘bede’ which means ‘Prayer’….pretty nifty, huh?) …anyway -sorry about that – the number of beads on a Mala is 108, or a divisor of 108 (27 being the most common, then counted 4 times).
Each name/mantra is repeated at least 108 times. Why 108? πŸ€— Good question!
The number 108 has a long history, a special meaning in the Hindu and Buddhist tradition.
There are
*108 sacred texts (Upanishads)
*108 sacred sites in India
*108 sacred sites of the body (marma points)
*108 Gopis (female cowherds) dancing with Krishna at the time of the autumn moon
*27 Constellations x 4 Padas = 108
*12 Zodiac Houses x 9 Planets = 108
Especially with the last 2, the entire universe is remembered, and awakens the memory that the universal self is omnipresent.

When you looked at the pictures of my Malas, you probably noticed an extra bead (the 109th, or 28th). This extra bead is the Guru Bead or Sumeru. This bead marks the beginning/the end of the mantra. Reciting, praying should always start with the bead next to the Sumeru.

The use of “Malas” or ‘Prayer Beads’ was adopted by other religions and cultures. Almost 80% of the world uses some form of ‘Prayer Beads’ to aid in their spiritual practice.

How can a Mala help you?
It is definitely a wonderful tool if you have trouble meditating. By fingering the beads your mind will stop wandering and concentrate on the motion. Since this motion is very repetitive it becomes automatic, and you will achieve what you set out to do, reach the meditative state you’re seeking.
Keep it with you to surround yourself with an aura of protection. Hang it in your car, keep it on your desk, in your kitchen – so it’s always there when you need a reminder that you are a spiritual person.
I hope you’ll enjoy your Mala and the experiences it can bring!

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed this little bit of Mala history!
Now….Pictures!      Here are a few Malas I created for my shop. Enjoy!

Oh, one more thing….What do you think of these Moonface pendants? I just started creating with them – you saw them first in the picture at the top! I love them …I think I’m a bit obsessed! 😍

Okay – now that’s really it! Thanks again for sticking with me all the way to the end!

~Tina xoxo