~Chakra Stones and Jewelry

Over the course of the last few months I’ve discovered my love for Crystals and Gemstones. I always used glass beads in my creations – and I still do – but natural stones are definitely taking over. It started slow – a quartz pendant here, a few amethysts there, and now most of my necklaces are exclusively made of stones.
Of course I wanted to know more about them, not just be like ‘oohh, that’s pretty…love the color’. While the color does play a big part in my designs, I’d like to be able to tell you about their symbolism, healing properties, and  what each stone can do for you! That’s how I came to making ‘Chakra’ Necklaces.
You’ve heard of Chakra stones, and their ability to balance your life-force energies.
There are seven main chakras ~ a Sanskrit word meaning ‘Wheels of Light’ ~ in your body. I made a little visual to share with you, that explains the locations and the crystals assigned to each energy-field
Crown = Clear Quartz
Brow = Amethyst
Throat = Amazonite
Heart = Rose Quartz
Solar Plexus = Aragonite
Sacral = Carnelian
Base = Bloodstone
I thought, and hope you agree, that the colors go great together – can’t quiet my designer brain – so I started designing some necklaces and pendants. Here are the first two …
I picked the ‘OM’-sign charm because of it’s connection with the practice of yoga. Here’s a closer look

You probably know the Yoga/Chakra  therapy as meditating with the corresponding crystals on each point – at least that’s how I knew it. Now, I don’t want you to roll around on your necklace – though you can if you so desire…it’s all about relaxing and being happy! – I learned that the crystals incorporated in jewelry can also help you activate and balance individual chakras.
This is just basic information, the tip of the iceberg – if you would like to learn more about the history and tools of Chakra healing (there are  so many more helpful aides out there)  you may want to consider getting the ‘Chakra Bible’ by Patricia Mercier (not affiliated)         I found that to be the most helpful book out there.

Well, just between you and me, this was going to be a newsletter – but apparently I got a little carried away, and this turned out to be longer than intended. So…I leave the rest of my list ’til next time!

~Tina xoxo


Do you believe in ‘398.2’?

Before I start telling you about today’s topic, let me show you this…


I have been trying to corral my thoughts …put into coherent terms as to what I want in the new year. But – sometimes my thoughts are like a rookie flea circus! Now you see them, now you don’t! Especially when I’m as busy as I was over the last few weeks! Anyway…today I happened across this picture, and thought ‘Eureka’ ~ this is it. Exactly what my topsy-turvy mind has been trying to tell me!
So – in the spirit of ‘learning new things’ I followed up on a sidebar-ad on Facebook (to be honest, usually I don’t pay much attention to those, but this one caught my eye simply because I had no idea what ‘398.2’ is). I got really curious, and looked it up…do you know? No? I can tell you now!


398.2 is the call number (in the Dewey decimal System) for the folk-stories and fairy tales. Fairies! I was so intrigued by the idea of a whole section at the library dedicated to these delicate, dainty creatures, that I hopped in the car, drove down the street to my little heaven (if there weren’t a 6-lane road between me and there, I would’ve walked…I swear!) went to the non-fiction section, and, lo and behold, there they were!


You should check your library for ‘398.2’ books! They hold cute, interesting, and fascinating stories – in my case mostly from Ireland and Scotland.

During my search I also found images of fairy gardens – definitely on my ‘to-do’ list for this spring!


I love them – and the little table-top one would be a great project for grey winter days! When I get around to it, I’ll let you know (and show you the result)

Well ~ I must say ~ this ‘learn-new-things’ idea is quite satisfying, and I will do a whole lot more of that! Even if it’s just little things like ‘398.2’

I will let you go now – maybe to the library? – and say
…for reading! I hope you enjoyed and will be back for more!
Until then
Tina xoxo

Happy New Year

I hope you only have good things to say about last year, and that the new one will be happy, successful…simply grand!
Always keep the dreams flowing. I sincerely wish that they all come true for you!


It is also ~for obvious reasons~ ‘National Hangover Day’ 😜
So….for your convenience, enjoyment, relief~ here’s a really great ‘Bloody Mary’ recipe….
In a big glass stir together
-1/4 cup Tomato juice
-3 tbsp vodka
-1 tsp Worcestershire sauce
-3/4 tsp horseradish
-3 dashes Tabasco sauce
-1pinch salt
-ground black pepper (the amount is up to you)
Fill glass with ice, then pour everything into a second glass. Pour back and forth 3,4 times.
Sprinkle with lemon juice, and garnish with celery stalk and lemon wedge.
🍹Cheers! 🍹
Now that you feel better…I hope you don’t mind that I end this post with a giggle ~


Until next time….
~Tina xoxo