Do you ‘Kumihimo’?

Do you?
In case you’re scratching your head, going ‘Do I what?’ let me tell you a little bit about it.
First of all, ‘Kumihimo’ is not even a verb…I use it as such ’cause, while it’s a braiding technique, ‘Do you braid’ is not a very enticing title ~right? You probably would have skipped right over it, and missed out on a nifty new craft! πŸ˜‰
Kumihimo braids look fancy complicated, but they’re not, trust me! I think it’s easier to do, than remembering the name! πŸ˜†
All you need is this doohickey, namely a disc -round or square- with slots. Here’s the round one….
Alrighty… Let’s get started…
1. Pick the material you’d like to use. That can be yarn, floss, ribbon, twine, suede cord – it all depends on what you want to use your braid for, what look you wanna achieve.
2. Measure your material (your chosen fiber needs to be 3x as long as the finished braid)
3. Now cut 8 strands
4. Use all 8 strands to form an overhand knot about 1″ from the end.
5. Push it through the hole in the middle of the disc.
6. To keep your work taut, attach a weight to this end. I filled a small organza bag with coins and tied it to the knot. Like so…

7. Now wrap each strand around the plastic bobbins you got with your disc. Fold the cover over, and the threads are secure, yet easily manageable.
-You can work without the bobbins, but the threads will get tangled, which makes the whole experience very frustrating. Because with tangled threads come ~magically~ knots, lots of unwanted knots… ugh
8. Now thread your strands into the slots… 1 each to the left and right of the black dot.
🌟 …and here are all of the above steps in one photo…

We’re almost done…. honest…and this was the most complicated stuff. From here on out it’s smooth sailing! 😁
9. You can actually start braiding now! Take the thread from the left of the top dot straight down, and secure it next to the thread on the left of the dot on the bottom. Now take the thread from the bottom right straight up.
Turn the disc clockwise, and repeat.
It does take some concentration in the beginning, but after a while you can let your mind wander and dream about beaches, sand, and waves! 😍
10. Round and round you go, and pretty quickly you can see the result of your labor.

Pretty, isn’t it?
When you reach your desired length, use all 8 strands to form an overhand knot, and you’re done.

One more thing…somewhat related. Last Sunday I held the very first ‘Creative Chicks Meeting’ at my store. My friend Dee had a lot of fun learning about Kumihimo, and tried her hands at it..
She plans on pairing a long braided cord with a pretty key pendant for a lanyard style necklace… (psst! Christmas gift! Don’t tell anyone) πŸ˜‰

Okay, hold on… one more thing. A little ‘secret’ tip… When you have to put your work down, make sure you stop in the middle of Step 9 – meaning, take the left thread down, and step away from the disc….hehehe, sounds dangerous, doesn’t it πŸ˜‚ It’s not, of course, but it’s potentially scary, if you don’t follow this tip, and forget where you left off. 😱
Now you know to take the thread on the right up, turn and keep going!

I’ve never written tutorials… so I hope this wasn’t too confusing. If you have any questions, need me to clear up a step, please ask. Don’t hesitate! I’m here for you! 😍

That’s it for now! Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed it ~ let me know! 😘
Until next time
Tina xoxo

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