Pendants from the loom – but first – this….

Hello and ‘Good Morning’ my friends! ☺ Happy ‘National 2nd hand wardrobe day’!                                                                                                                                                                          Are you a thrifty shopper? I am, and I love it! I don’t like malls, department stores never have what I’m looking for…unlike 2nd hand stores and Thrift shops! A good friend of mine is the proprietor of a beautiful resale shop, and I never leave her boutique without a bag full of beautiful ‘like new’ clothes! If you’re ever in Weston, Missouri, make sure to stop in ‘My Sister’s Closet’ for some amazing finds. Your pocketbook (and your hubby) will thank you! 😁


This is a coat I got there last year…I show you this, because it comes with a funny story. The first time I wore it, a lady asked me where I got it. When she heard it was from a resale shop, knowing there was not going to be another one, she gave me her card and asked me to call her when I’m ready to sell it to her!                                        I haven’t called her yet! LOL

In Jewelry News…    My ‘Autumn Line’ is still in the early planning stages ~ but there’s one thing I can tell you already…there will be handwoven ‘Pendants of the Loom’. Let me show you what I have so far



I repurposed my bead~loom, because it’s just the right size for pendants. The warp is cotton, and now I’m experimenting with different yarns for the weft, or filling.


Stay tuned…(hopefully) soon I can show you the finished necklace!

Until then please take care, and I hope you’ll come back for more!

Love                                                                                                                                                                                              ~Tina xoxo

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Brass Charm Company
    Aug 26, 2015 @ 01:34:00

    I LOVE thrift shopping and part of my business is finding Vintage beads and supplies for Jewelry Artisans. Some of the pieces I come across, I remember when I was a little girl. I’d love to see the finished piece!

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    • kristabellaweston
      Aug 26, 2015 @ 14:41:19

      I know! Isn’t it great when a piece you find in a Thrift Store evokes lovely memories! 🙂
      I can see the finished piece (in my head LOL) I’m still trying to figure out some details…I hope to post the completed creation soon!

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  2. Michele Low
    Aug 26, 2015 @ 01:57:36

    Thank you so much Tina! The feeling is mutual 🙂

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