Gem of the week ~ Bamboo Coral

‘Bamboo Coral’ is an ocean coral, and has replaced the more precious ‘red coral’ in jewelry design due to the ‘red coral’s’ depletion.

Naturally creamy-white or gray ~ when bamboo coral is dyed red to mimic the more precious red coral, it can be difficult to distinguish between the two.

Aren’t they pretty?


Bamboo coral is injected with red dye to saturate it throughout.
After the bamboo coral has been hand cut into the desired shape — usually a bead — the dyeing process takes place. Once dyed and sanded, the coral bead is then coated with a resin base and polished to achieve the high gloss finish found in jewelry.
I love using bamboo-coral in my designs, because of it’s rich color, and smooth appearance. Plus, knowing that I’m not contributing to the extinction of a beautiful ocean-creation makes it definitely more enjoyable.
In my latest design I paired the gorgeous bamboo-coral beads with faceted, clear czech beads, that catch the light beautifully and, due to a special coating, reflect it in varying colors.
The final touch is the flower pendant. It mirrors the deep red color of the beads, and is a beautiful piece of glass-art.
If you love ‘bamboo coral’ and decide to own a piece found in the ‘Garden of the Sea’ please note that bamboo coral is naturally soft and porous, so please keep your coral jewelry away from perfumes and hairsprays to avoid damage.


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